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Movies you saw, but never knew it was made from a book..


New Member
The Virgin Suicides. I realized it was a book after I saw the movie. Both the book and movie were superb!


New Member

I'm the person who yells out 'I read that!', every time someone mentions a movie that I know as a book, sometimes only as a book. I've even gotten to inform my anime crazed BF that Howl's Moving Castle is a book and who it's by. Trust me, I always notice.


Active Member
er, if you never knew it was made from a book, how could you contribute to this thread?
Perhaps because you find out after the fact?

For me, I never knew Roman Polanski's The Tenant was based on a book. I've seen the film a few times over the years and it was only a couple of months ago that I discovered, purely by accident, that it was based on a 1964 novel by French author, Roland Topor.

Back when I was a kid, I didn't know The Never Ending Story was based on a book. I only found out a couple of years ago, perhaps on this forum when I saw it mentioned in the kids' section.


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I could probably come up with more then a few if I thought about it. But all I can come up is Feild of Dreams and Stagecoach.


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The Minus Man. I was about to watch it on IFC until I saw the opening credits and discovered it was based on a novel. Wanting to read the book first I turned the TV off. Never got around to doing both.

And yeah, I wasn't too crazy about Eugenides' book either. The premise was great but the end results were not to my liking. Still, I'd like to see the movie one of these days.


New Member
Just by reading this thread I've discovered that the following were based on a book: Never Ending Story and Field of Dreams. The things you can learn on this forum...


New Member
30 Days of Night.. a freaky horror movie starring Josh Hartnett..

I really liked the movie and later on learned that it was from a novel.. (forgot the author, though) It will surely be more chilling when reading the novel..


New Member
There were a few movies that I didn't realize were books also. A couple of them include the movie There Will be Blood, A River Runs Through It, Legends of the Fall, etc.


New Member
Never Ending Story is a book?! I never knew that! And hey- who said that Virgin Suicides is crap? Its a better than average film and a wonderful book. One of my favourites,
I'm off to read Never Ending Story.....