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New Member
Re: A Murder of Crows

Originally posted by Tobytook
The second one has got some blisteringly rocky tracks, which work better than the ballads, like Angels of the Silences, Monkey and (especially) Have You Seen Me Lately. Although the slowish Another Horsedreamer's Blues is pretty damn good.
a long december is a great slowie too!
i've got all their cd's apart from the new one hard candy (how rubbish is the cover of big yellow taxi by the way, embarrassingly dull!)
on their last cd there was a mega tune called mrs potters lullaby.
i also rate REM, james, miles davis, herbie hancock & wilco top of the shop musicmakers. :cool:


New Member
I urge anybody interested in Counting Crows to pick up the double live CD they put out a few years ago. If you only know their studio work, you are in for a real treat. It's odd, too, that they turn up here in that their son Rain King has, I'm guessing, something to do with Saul Bellow's Henderson the Rain King.

These days, Dave Matthews, Hot Tuna, and The Band are spending a lot of time in my CD player.


New Member
There is a tendency among American rock bands - especially recently - to milk the Cow Of Emotion, so that the taste is wholly insincere (hello Nickelback) but there are still a good amount of genuinely romantic and/or emotionally-sincere songwriters banging out stuff. Notable from the UK would be Billy Bragg, but a more universal English-language equivalent can easily be found in the modern works of US artists such as Tom Waits, Red Hot Chil Peppers, and (going back a while, as previously recommended), The Band - especially "Music From Big Pink".



New Member
Countdown to Ecstasy

Steely Dan

Listening to Aja right now.

My favorite band. They will release a new album this year.

If you think they're cheesy, give them another listen.

Very subversive, clever and fun.


New Member
Rock and roll ain't noise pollution

Important not to let this thread lax, I think.

I'm listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers' new set, By The Way here and there, but more crucially Bruce Springsteen's The River - why is this known as his "dark" album? - and The Afghan Whigs' brilliant Black Love: a concept album made in a time when the idea of the Concept Album was thought to be a thing of the past.



New Member
I don't know why, but the new Red Hot Chili Peppers' songs really make my skin crawl.

I've been listening a lot to Flogging Molly and Oceans of Sadness lately, so I think it's about time I got out of the house and got myself a new set of CD's. Then again -- there's so much out there, and I wouldn't be able to chose, so I'd spend all my money. :(


New Member
Sonic Youth, Tom Waits, Brian Eno, and also Rem, Throwing Muses, Pixies, Kristin Hersh, Patti Smith, Joy Division, Young Gods, Dead Kennedys, The Clash, Bauhaus, The The, Jesus and Mary Chain, The Stooges, Velvet Underground, The Doors, Pink Floy (until 1983), Cowboy Junkies, ....


New Member
Well I am into goth music mostly. I love Sisters of Mercy and the Bauhaus... I enjoy London After Midnight, The Cure, Bella Morte, and so on... I also like plain rock music like Meat Loaf and Queen. I like metal also like Type O Negative and Judas Priest. I like a lot of diffrent genres. I like 80s pop/ new wave music like Duran Duran and Billy Idol. I like a lot of things.


New Member
Cool throwback

A goth fan lives! And I thought my days of shuffling around the Student Union dancefloor to belters like Temple of Love were half-remembered dreams.

Goth works well if if it's got a touch of humour or mystery about it - the Sisters were a prime example: no-one ever really knew if they were just taking the mickey. Serious goth is oddly comparable with the likes of Whitesnake and other purveyors of "sincere" emotional rock: horribly two-dimensional.

Weird that you should be a New Romantic at the same time, though! That is cool! One foot in a scuffed Doctor Marten, the other in a spangly sharp-toed disco tripper! Wow!

For my sins, I still harbour a vestige of gothdom at heart. Sisters of Mercy CDs festering at the back of the rack, itching to be played. They compete for time with my alt.country rock like Bonnie Raitt and Steve Earle. (Actually, come to think of it, the early 90s Steve Earle was pretty damn good regardless of genre!).

At the moment I 'ave been mostly playing:

The White Stripes: Elephant
The Wallflowers: Bringing Down The Horse
Brendan Benson: Lapalco
Buffalo Tom: Sleepy-eyed

Two newies and two from the 90s. Huh - and they say I'm a dinosaur at 30!

(They're probably right.)


like soft rock, though - it drips sinceri


New Member
Yep! Oddly enough I am the only in my school that even knows true goth music. I think I am the only one in my school district that days from all the people I meet. But that is cool.

Sisters of Mercy are great. I always though their anti goth approach makes them more goth then they want to be. It is funny as hell. I know a new album might be in the works if I am not mistaken. I read it some where... Or was that old news. You can never tell with the internet always bringing olds news and new news together.

Glad to see a fan too.


New Member
Just for information ...

hi all,

not for being nosey here but how many of the people on his board are US, European continental or UK people?
if there is a large variety would propose a bit of a turn around debating who loves reading what, why and when according to from where ...

Morry :cool:


New Member
Ahh, I can relate to the goth music as well...sisters and bauhaus as well as Bella Morte, The Cruxshadows, Laeather Strip, Lacuna Coil and so on....good stuff. Though my tastes also go to the other end of the spectrum with bands like Belle & Sebastian and Neutral Milk Hotel. And ahhh, Queen...what a vocalist, what style what talent. Ahem...I swear they've never gone wrong. anyways, thats my two bits on the subject...


New Member
Lacuna Coil's more metal I'd say... And they get pretty boring after a while (is it just me, or are all their albums alike?); the only reason why I go to their gigs is the girl. :eek:


New Member
fave music... ahh in no particular order:

Joe Satriani
Stone Temple Pilots
Symphony X
Van Halen

They'd be the bands more often in my CD player than not. Yes I love my guitar driven raaaaaaawk:D

Oh and to help Morry along, I'm from Australia...


New Member
Iron Maiden ( fav band)
Faith no more
Alakine Trio

Samurai Chicken

New Member
Lately I've been obsessed with Bad Religion, and a bunch of other Epitaph bands (Bouncing Souls, Dropkick Murphys, Guttermouth).

Also, I'm starting to get into this weird sort of post modern music like Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Autechre, and Radiohead, too.

Knowze Gungk

New Member
I'm very open minded when it comes to music, my collection ranges from Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Copperfield, Rossini, etc. to Metallica, Offspring, blink182, AC/DC, Gunners, Chilly Peppers, etc.

There's everything between as well. The Beetles, Simon & Garfunckel Garth Brookes, Gershwin, Monty Python, The Kings Singers, Lois Armstrong, Weird Al, Doors, Bob Marley, Gilbert & Sullivan and there's even a couple of Marilyn Manson songs in there, plus many more.

As I said, I'm very open minded when it comes to music.