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My late introduction


I thought it would be neat because I didn't introduce me on B&R.

So... I'm German and lived there most of my life. In 2005 my husband received an offer to take over Silicon Valley and we moved to California, where we still are.

I guess I don't have to mention that I love books. I always did. As a kid I used to look at pictures and tell a short story about it. I was an early reader and got my very non-picture book at age five.

However, books are a huge part of my life and also partly what I do to earn a living. I'm a freelancing editor, which means writers send me their stuff for correction. As you might have noticed, the books I'm editing aren't in english (lack of skills) but in German and Greek. Languages are a bit of my hobby so I can read Russian, French, Polish, Spanish and Italian.
That's what you learn with lots of friends from different cultures and a greek husband. :)

Another hobby of mine are audiobooks. So far I've participated in about six audiobooks which is a lot of fun.
I've published a few short stories for kids in magazines and that's about it.
Right now I'm writing my first novel but I guess I won't find anyone publishing my braingarbage. LOL

So what else ? We have two beautiful cats (I put pictures in my profile), I'm into aquaristic trying to safe our oceans from mankinds robbery in breeding saltwaterfish and corals. I'm the one picking up an earthworm before a car runs over it.

I can be bitchy and unpleasantly direct. I'm humorless or at least most of the time I've got my own kind of humor which unfortunately or fortunately is mostly misunderstood by others. :D
Overall I consider myself a kind and tolerant person as long as no one uninvited invades my private space or tries to convert me into any kind or religion or cult.

Today I got my hair cut and I feel extremly good.

Don't know what else to tell right now. Any questions - just ask. :flowers:


Well-Known Member
You've had some excellent posts, keep up the good work and welcome!

I can be bitchy and unpleasantly direct.

Ah don't worry, we're use to it from Stewart.:whistling: