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Sports - Do You Enjoy

SFG75 said:
muggle-How much money do you thinki you and your wife hav poured into that car? I'd hate to guess. Do you have sponsorship of any kind? I would imagine that might make it easier, but I don't see any gaudy advertisements on her car like the NASCAR drivers have.:p
It was my son's racing team. He had to sell everything due to lack of sponsorship. The car was a Camaro (the shell) and had a Pratt & Miller Chassis and a CRD Engine (650 HP) made by Bob Cronin. The car cost over $230,000 plus all the other expenses, ie trailer, hauler, race expenses, etc. We only raced the one year in season 2000 in the Trans Am Series. All the races were televised and the series had some very good drivers. In the past drivers such as Richard Petty and Mark Donohue drove some in the series.

I was the Marketing Manager but ran into a brick wall as we found it difficult to get sponorship for a female driver....most females had the same problem years ago and even today to a great extent. Companies still think it is a man's sport. Don't get me started on that.:(

Nascar teams get anywhere from $12 million to $20 million for a primary sponsorship (hood and trunk) and then they pick-up big bucks from associate sponsors (trunk approx. $500,000 to $2 million, lower rear qtr panel $400,000 to $1.5 million, and on and on).
It seems that we have run out of interest in auto racing stories. Same as NCAA basketball. Are there any other sports that people may be interested in discussing? :)
The men's selection committee which was headed by Craig Littlepage, Athletic Director at UVA, are being called The Nine Blind Mice for the job they did selecting the 65 teams for the NCAA Tournament. I happen to agree with the critics.

Even worse was the selection committee for the NCAA Women's Tournament. North Carolina, a number one seed was put in a bracket "loaded" with top teams, ie, Tennessee, Rutgers, Purdue, and UCLA. Some teams were omitted from the Tournament that had very high "strength of schedule" ratings. As one coach stated, the committe has always been very consistent on the method for selection but this year there was "no rhyme or reason".
Huge fan of:
Pro football
College basketball
NBA basketball
Pro baseball
College football

Will watch when it's on:
F-1 racing

I play/do:
flag football
triathlons (coming soon)
gold (coming soon)

I love to read, but I think I love sports even more.:D
igbomb, you should have participated in our NCAA pickem contest. It is a lot of fun.

sofia and steffee, are you still interested in a couple racing stories, although they are no big deal, or have we gone beyond that.:)
My grandaughter and her husband will both be running in the 26 mile Boston Marathon on April 17th.

It is the only Marathon in the U.S., I believe, that reguires a person to qualify. There will be 20,000 of some of the world's best runners entered (Kenya and Ethiopia). My grandaughter is really hyper about it and is confident that she will finish the Marathon, hopefully well.