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Stephen King/Richard Bachman: Blaze


New Member
Blaze is the last book that Stephen King wrote as Richard Bachman. King calls it a trunk novel. Back when he wrote it, it was not good enough to publish, but now it is (Maybe it’s because King can write a recipe for vegetable soup and sell 5 million copies).

In any case, Blaze is not a great book but it does have one large discussion topic. The two main characters, George and Blaze, are obviously taken from George and Lenny from Of Mice and Men, with a Kingesce twist. I can’t comment on how the rest of the story compares to the classic because I’ve never read it.

As Blaze begins, you think that George and Blaze are partners in crime. You quickly find out that they were, but George is now dead and is only a voice in Blaze’s imagination. The story goes back and forth between Blaze’s childhood and the one big caper that Blaze and George planned together, but never had the chance to go through with, the kidnapping of a baby for ransom.


Well-Known Member
I enjoyed it, you could definitely tell it was written before he perfected his style that he is known for.


New Member
Just picked it up today! I can definitely see the twist of the "Mice" characters.

How are other Bachman Books? The local BN has "Thinner" as well. Sounded interesting, but I thought I'd give Blaze a try before I follow through with any more of the "series".


Active Member
I wasn't that impressed with Blaze; I just felt like it was too much like Of Mice and Men, and wasn't really original in any way. :blink: