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New Member
Hi all,

I'm thinking about investing some of my spare time watching Supernatural, after the opinion of an X-files addicted friend of mine; anyone who's watched this series has an opinion on it?
I love it and have all the seasons on DVD. It started strong and has just gotten better I think. Really great show for the horror/paranormal TV-type fan. It's alot of fun. I think of it as a kind of more kick-ass spiritual successor to Buffy (dare I say). No disrespect to Buffy, I love that show so much too, but Supernatural is similarly serious with tongue-in-cheek moments, and it too definitely deserves respect.
Supernatural is one of my favorite shows. I have all of it on DVD, and I agree with Will, it hooked me from the beginning and just gets better and better. It can be very serious and creepy, but it definitely has an underlying humor that I enjoy. I love the X Files, Buffy, Angel and Fringe, but I truly adore Supernatural.
I love the supernatural and same as TV shows and same as shows. i am great lover of paranormal activity(Movie). i am just waiting fro its new movie for release.