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  • Here's shifting continents some, but have you seen the Norwegian horror flick Dead Snow? It's kind of Evil Dead meets Shaun of the Dead in Norwegian tundra.
    Ah yes - Dark Water - very creepy, and at times matches the Ring for atmosphere. U.S. remake was okay too I thought. Ring is just amazing isn't it. I recall when I first watched it was alone in flat one Sunday evening, dark and raining outside, flatmates away for the weekend... v. freaky. I really liked the U.S. remake of Ring too. Audition is on a whole other level of ouch though. A genuine shocker of a horror movie. Have you seen Shutter? It's a Thai horror flick but there's a semi-decent U.S. remake too. I heard that Mother is quite bleak but also has some very decent reviews.
    heh felt bad chatting away too much in the recently seen thread so thought I'd drop a quick comment in here - how about Japanese horror films? After Ring1/2/0 I am a huge fan also of Audition, Battle Royale, Infection and The Grudge.
    I can't stop saying Bazinga! lol They are a cute couple,lol

    I can hear my son laughing his ass of with the first episode.lol
    It depends how you look at it,lol I always dreamed of living in a big house with servants.....Take away the "big" and me as the servant...tataa!!:lol::lol:
    I do my housework at night.:whistling:Yes,the snow covers the damage,and not learning to use the snow machine is a plus.:lol:
    :lol: That's why I think you are awesome,my neighbors this year thought I wasn't home,looking at the gardens,the house looked abandoned .LOL
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