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Tell us your ghost story...


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SillyWabbit, your stories creep me out. :(

My turn, my turn!!!

My company's old office was a three-storey building that's quite old. The office has a stairway that leads from the lobby all the way to the third floor (so that's L, 1, 2, 3). Next to this stairway is a pathetic little lift that services only these three floors.

Okay, the story goes like this - I've this colleague who had to send some important document out via email to the client by the next day, and decided to go back to the office past 9pm to do this. By this time, everyone's gone home, so all lights in the floor where we worked, the third, were all out. In fact, the only place that's lighted is the stairway at the lobby level.

So anyway he gets up to 3rd floor, switches on the lights to only the portion of the office where we worked (the other portions of the office was still dark), and went to work. Now the place he sat faces the portion of the office that wasn't lighted. As he worked, he noticed something flashing past his peripheral vision (he was staring at a monitor working, remember); something in front of him. He glanced about, but the area in front of him was dark and he didn't see anything. This happened a couple of times in a short duration. He promptly shut down and got out of there.

I have another colleague who went back to the office at night (another night) for the same reason, sat in the lighted area, and seemed to notice the flashing thing in front of him also. He didn't stay for more than 5 minutes.

I myself once worked there till quite late one night, and upon leaving, switched off all lights and called for that pathetic elevator I mentioned before. The elevator door opened, the elevator lights flickered on, I got in, punched 'L', and closed the door.

And the elevator promptly opened up again. Still the same floor. I punched the Close door button, the door closed, and promptly opened again.

Now I've taken the elevator before and I know for a fact it behaves itself at other times. At this point I just got out and took the stairs down.



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It's not really a shost, but a friend of my sister's has a poltergeist that plays all kinds of tricks. It's really more fun than scary, and isn't mean or anything. She was talking to him in the living room when there was a knock on the door to the utility room. She went and opened it, and there was nothing there. He told her it was just his poltergeist. Later they heard someone come up the front stairs, but no one rang or knocked, and he said that happens all the time. Things get moved or hidden, then come back a day or so later.
It's a new house, and he says poltergeists aren't ghosts, so there doesn't have to be a murder or anything, and this one is fun.


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grrr. didnt i previously post a thread like this one. i shared my scary story then asked others to share theres as well. if i didnt do this please advise me of it, but if i did, then what the hells going on?....does no one like me?...am i invisible to you all?....my head hurts, im laying down.


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I'm in the mood for some ghostly stories. So do you have any scary stories? Something that you or someone you know who've experienced something spooky?

Anyone else?



Active Member
I have one. I don't know if it is an optical trick of light, or a ghost, but here goes. My brother-in-law was over one evening and we were watching football and all of a sudden, he asked me, "How long have you had a ghost?" The television and a lamp are on a wall with a doorway in it and when the lamp is on and it is dark in the other room, out of the corner of your eye, it looks like a small person in white is standing in the doorway. But once you look directly at it, it disappears. I have seen this many , many, times, and never thought about it. The other room is my sons' room. It totally creeped my brother-in-law out and now he will not come nto my house after dark.:rolleyes:


New Member
Well, this is my mom's story. It didn't happen to me and I can't vauch for its validity. But according to her...

She was visiting her friends house and everyone was sitting in the kitchen. After a while an old woman came into the room and sat down. She never said a word. As my mother looked at her she realized that the woman was transparent.

Her friends admitted that the woman was their deceased grandmother and she visited them so often they were used to her.


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CDA said:

I'm not even going to open any of the threads... :eek:

LOL-It's quite entertaining really. Click on "columns" and you can find things such as how Nazi Germany invented flying saucers and that they conduct raids on us from the arctic region-hence why Roswell occured.:eek:


New Member
SFG75 said:
LOL-It's quite entertaining really. Click on "columns" and you can find things such as how Nazi Germany invented flying saucers and that they conduct raids on us from the arctic region-hence why Roswell occured.:eek:

I have no response to that.


New Member
Here's mine
When I was a lot younger, about 15 or 16, my two older sisters always claimed they could hear something in their bedroom. They claimed that they would sometimes hear footsteps that started from the passage leading to my room. The footstep would lead straight into their room, at the front of the house, and were always accompanied by the sound of heavy, asthmatic sounding breathing. Whatever it was would stay more or less in the centre of the room and then with a heavy sigh it would be gone. My elder sister became so spooked by this that she wouldn't go upstairs if she was alone in the house. On several occasions she woke the rest of the family up claiming the the thing was back, breathing in the middle of the bedroom. It seemed that only my sisters ever heard this thing, I never did and my mum and dad always denied hearing it too. However because the passage to my bedroom was unlit I was always a bit wary if I ever had to get up in the night.
Both of my sisters left home when they were 20, at 18 i was still there, still in the bedroom at the end of the passage. I didn't think anything of the breathing thing and had almost forgotten it. Then one night, i'd been out and come home late, it was early summer. I went through the usual ritual of leave the hall light on, go down the passage and turn the bedroom light on, go back turn off the hall light and back down the passage to my bedroom. Much the same as i did every night.
I got undressed and got into bed. I lay there for a little while then suddenly heard a strange noise.
Due to the layout of the house my bedroom featured an immersion heater which provided our hot water. It had always been there and wasn't prone to being noisy. The noise persisted so being curious and thinking the noise was coming from the immersion heater i got out of bed to investigate. I didn't turn on the light. I went to the end of the bed and stood by the immersion heater and suddenly felt very cold. Completely spooked i jumped back into bed and hid under the covers. After a few minutes I had managed to regain enough bravardo to poke my head out and have another listen. There was something breathing heavily in the corner of the bed room right by the immersion heater. I couldn't see anything but i could certainly hear it.
Determind that this wasn't my sisters "breathy ghost" i got out of bed to find out for sure. As soon as i stood on the floor the breathing noise come towards me. I legged it down the passage and into my parents room, the breathing followed. Once in their room the breathing noise came past me and stopped at the foot of the bed by their window. I lent across and shook my mum to wake her. She awoke with a start, and after my saying(probably shouting) I can hear that breathing thing and its at the foot of your bed, she looked at the foot of the bed and in her best stern mum voice said "Oh for goodness sake go away". At which point there was a long heavy sigh and the breathing stopped.
I never heard it again after that. Some 15 + years on my mum now lives with my younger sister and still has the old chair that was in my room when i heard the breathing noise.
My sister now claims that sometimes she hears the same breathing noise by the chair.