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The poetry of Robert Frost


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I've always been a big fan of his works and a good number of them I remember from my college days. Mending Wall and Fire and Ice are but a few of my favorites. Provide, Provide is another great one that doesn't get a lot of attention. There are some interesting write-ups about it-here, and here.I like the rather simple wording of his poems, yet their deeper meanings. He seems to convey a whole lot more with less writing.

A collection of his works.

The Frost Foundation.

Middlebury College resource on Frost.

Any favorites of yours?
The Road Not Taken remains the only Frost I'm consciously aware of. It was one of those poems, along with a number from Browning and Burns, that we looked at over the years. I wonder if my education board was biased towards poets called Robert.

I like The Road Not Taken very much; it has lingered somewhere in my memory for thirteen or fourteen years now. Such a simple premise highlighting weightier reflections on one's own life.
"Dust of Snow" blows my mind. So much with a single sentence. Also, I'll never tire of "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening".

I just love Frost's attitude, and his search for truth. So many of his poems just have wonderful little nuggets of truth and beauty. I don't know exactly. I'm a big fan.
I'm a big fan too.
Stopping by the Woods is one of the most perfectly balanced pieces of verse ever, IMHO. It just, is so soothing, and meaningful, and effortless, and beautiful.
The Road Not Taken, Mending Wall, Fire And Ice...
You know, these poems are as immortal as a human creation can be. Or, they should be. You can read them and re-read them and continue to find meaning.
A total literary genius.
Thought about this thread when Frost's cabin was ransacked by some drunken kids. A wonderful New York Times article perfectly expresses why the action is so outrageous.:mad:
I always mean to read sme of Frost's poetry for myself. But I always find it interesting that of all "good" poetry I've used to try to get kids (ages 9-11) engaged, it is Frost that they always, without fail, respond the most enthusiastically to. Perhaps something to do with his simple frankness that just clicks with them...