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Werewolf Novel Recommendations


New Member
Can anyone recommend any good werewolf novels?

I've read and liked Charles de Lint's Wolf moon, and I've also read and shrugged at MaryJanice Davidson's Derik's bane and Kelley Armstrong's Bitten. Then, of course I've spotted the werewolves in Butcher's Dresden files, Huff's Blood-series, Harris's Southern Vampire novels Pratchett's Discworld... and Harry Potter. And I just want more... :cool:

The Silver Wolf by Alice Borchardt. The sequels aren't bad, but they don't compare to the first book.

Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake novels also feature werewolves as supporting characters (though they're not the main focus of the series).
Anamnesis said:
The Silver Wolf by Alice Borchardt. The sequels aren't bad, but they don't compare to the first book.
I actually thought that The Wolf King was just as good as The Silver Wolf. The Night of the Wolf wasn't quite as well written but I would definately recommend the series.
Yeah, Night of the Wolf is probably my least favorite out of the trilogy. The ideas were great and all, but the book just dragged on and on. I don't remember The Wolf King well, apart from it being an improvement on NOTW.

Have you read her Guinevere novels?
Mainiel is in those as well
Wolf's Hour by Robert McCammon
Any Laurell K. Hamilton Anita Blake series.
Cycle of the Werewolf by Steven King

I've always wanted to try Alice Borchardt's wolf novels. Are they good?
Well Garry Brandner wrote The Howling back in the late 70s, perhaps even 1980, and while it's seen as a cult classic in the werewolf genre it may just seem cliche today.
I was pacing on my tippie toes in a jail cell while reading a werewolf book and it dawned on me "Im walking like one!"
Thanks for all the replies! :)

I read another book by Fred Vargas, and if the conclusion in this one is along the same lines, it will probably turn out
there really isn't a werewolf

I second the recommendation for McCammon's The Wolf's Hour and would also add Melanie Tem's Wilding to the list. I haven't read that many werewolf novels as compared to other horror genres.
stigmaticman said:
my cat just bit the shit out of me

I wonder if there is such a thing as a werecat

I think I'm one now

My cat tries the same thing... but I'm not sure if she's trying to turn me into a cat or a vampire? I think I let her watch too much Buffy.

*mrkgnao* (see, it's starting already)
If you fancy some good pulp werewolf fiction you might want to try getting a copy of one of guy n smiths werewolf novels, the werewolf, return of the werewolf and son of the werewolf. They turn up on ebay every now and then.
I heard of an author who was 13 when she wroter her first book. She's supposed to be really good. I think her name was At-the-water or something weird like that, but I haven't read her. Some of my friends were; I haven't jumped on their private little bandwagon yet.
I am currently reading Wolves of the Calla by Stephen King (note image below). It's a fantasy novel about wolves that terrorize a town. It is very entertaining reading if you enjoy the genre.