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What do you do with a book you've read?

I have my own bookcase which are full of books. Also I keep my favourite books in my box in the loft. Some of the books which I've read sent to the charity shop and give to my mates as well.
After having to purchase 2 6' bookcases in the last year I joined bookcrossing.com with the intention of "releasing into the wild" books that I knew I would never read again. What did end up happening is that my book choices have gotten better and I find myself scouring used bookstores and book sales for books to release!
The shelf at the top of my wardrobe, plus the drawer under my bed is full of books. Thats after taking a bag to the charity shop! I made the mistake of putting a box full of books into the cellar about 4 years ago. Worst thing I ever did!
I keep most of my books. Lately I've been to bookcrossing.com and I am into the idea of releasing some books into the wild. I just rleased my first book and someone picked it up and is currently reading it. A great way to recycle and share good books!

Greetings all. Glad to meet you!
..why don't you liberate your book and have fun following it .... go here and register your book, get a number, paste the sticker on your book, then abandon your book on the bus, at your local coffee shop, wherever.....

This is the place:



Pat Mullan
Author of
The CIRCLE of SODOM: A Gripping New Thriller
"You know you're reading a good thriller when you start to cast it for the movie before you've even finished."
Eithne Hannigan, BOOK REVIEWS, CONNEMARA LIFE magazine, Autumn 2002
I've always donated books I didn't think I'd read again, but still had way too many books--if there is such a thing. When we moved from Florida to Boston my husband and I weeded tons out. I donated most to the local library after letting friends come in and take what they wanted. The movers, who complained incessantly about how many boxes of books I had, *helped* by losing two boxes of my books (I know some of you feel my pain).

I recently released a book on bookcrossing as an experiment for one of my classes, but no one's reported finding it. I'll release another someday, but there's been talk of a book exchange meeting on another board I frequent, so I'll wait until after that.
I keep almost every book I buy and have always re-read favourites many times over, though I've recently been trying to get into better habits - reading different types of books (all those ones I've been meaning to read for years and never quite got around to). I've never been able to part with any but the worst, the others end up in boxes or piles, waiting for more shelf space!

The bookcrossing site I've seen recommended here looks like it could be fun and I plan to 'release' a book just as soon as I can decide on which one...
Like some of the other members, I too "free" my books when I have read them. I either swap books with someone else at Bookcrossing.com or I just leave them someplace for someone else to pick up. Sometimes the person that picks the book up will go to Bookcrossing.com to make a journal entry on the book but sometimes they won't.

I would love to keep all of my books but my house is so small - my boyfriend wouldn't have it. This way I get more books though I get to share the books I've already read.
I usually donate the books that I have read and don't want to keep. I don't keep many. I am also a member of what we call a book train. The first person(conductor) fills a box with books(in this case general fiction)and passes it on to the next person on the list. They take the books out that they want and replaces it with the same number of books. The 'train' eventually gets back to the first person and the train makes it's rounds again. Currently there are 8 of us on a paperback book train. There was a hardback book train, but there were not alot of people on it and it kind of fizzled. It's alot of fun.
I always keep my books, they are my babies! :) If I don't like a book then sometimes I release them for bookcrossing. Often, though, I buy books just for the reason of release.

Ohh multiple choice

Well I've thrown one book out of the window in the past but that's the exception rather than the norm (if anyone's interested it was titled 'Wheater's functional histology'- had to wander down about 3 floors of student accomodation to get it back).

As for the rest of them. I used to mainly get my books from the library, so I gave them back, only purchasing the good ones to shelve for a later date. Nowadays I buy quite a few of my books, keep the above average ones, and recirculate the bad ones- donate to the library/ charity shops. The good ones still enjoy new readers- friends/family etc

I'm still looking for a decent used bookshop to trade with.

The bookcrossing thing looks fun. Does anyone want a book sending?
I keep a good number, and if I've re-read a paperback a few times I try to find it in hardcover. I've been better lately about not keeping everything, a lot gets passed on to my family. Once everyone's had a go, we trade them in. What amazes me is that my mom and sis-in-law are perfectly happy to let me pick books for them to read. That would drive me insane!
Ashlea said:
What amazes me is that my mom and sis-in-law are perfectly happy to let me pick books for them to read. That would drive me insane!

I've noticed that too with my brothers. I guess your relatives trust your tastes. That plus you've read those books already- take the books you buy, then pass them through the 'filter' - after all you wouldn't recommend books you didn't like to people who don't otherwise read much.

But they're missing out- part of the fun of reading's in hunting down what book you're going to read next. I guess it's like restaurants- the debate over what everyone's going to order is part of the experience.
Only happened once. I read about 50 or 60 pages, and just stopped after that.

Didn't throw/give it away though. I still have it.

Cheers, Martin :cool: