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What do you do with a book you've read?

I too keep all my books, I could never get rid of them! I do like to re-read my favourites. I have never understood people who read a book and then get rid of it saying "But I know what's going to happen, why would I want to read it again?" I find this completely strange! :) I think I have got rid of about 10 books in my lifetime: they were ones I hated and they went to the charity shop so I could have more room for the books I do like.
i keep all of my books and i reread my favourite ones hundreds of times. but since i possess only about 20-25 books, giving away isnt even a possibility for me :)
I have a 6 foot by 6 foot hole in my back yard with an old ceder chest that has brass hinges and a latch on the front. I empty the books into the chest and drop it in the hole. I'm about out of plots though...

I couldn't imagine donating the books....are you kidding me?
i hoard my books, one day i'm going to have a huge library with a swimming pool like in the first superman film, i don't care if the humidity ruins the books as by the time i can afford all that i won't have much time left to enjoy it.

whilst i don't knowingly give books away some books i've lent out seem to have gone on extended leave.

I keep my books...except for the really, really awful ones that I just can't read, and I even keep some of those. They're all on bookshelves and my husband and I plan on making a room in our future house a library, which will be wonderful.
I keep them. Sometimes when i see them i feel a little strange.
I remember when i read each book and how i felt when i read it.
When i touch my favourite book (The Talisman) and turn the pages i fell like when i first read it. It takes me back in time.. :rolleyes:
I'm so glad I keep mine. My husband had to move to another town a month before I am to be moving...I sent up my books in one of the first loads that we moved. He said that it makes him feel as if I'm there, and he was going around looking through my masses of books. He even *gasp* picked up a book to read (Interview with a Vampire). The only books I've seen him read in the six years since I've known him are the Dune series of books. He's already halfway through and I think he might start reading again. Maybe now I'll have someone at home with whom I can discuss books (not that that will stop me from frequenting the forum).
i keep all the books i know il read again! which is alot! im going to uni in september and want to take all of them to the halls of residence....not sure its gonna happen!! supposibly il be to busy studying to read them all...hmm!

amy :D
I put them on my bookshelf and when I get the urge to read the book again, I will.

Sometimes I re-read a book because my memory of it is lacking over the years.
I just signed up with BookCrossing. I have a bunch of hardbacks that I want to set free. As soon as I get all the BC paraphenalia, I will have fun sending the books out.
I keep most of them but I've traded some in like some of my Clive Barker books. after Sacrament (Excrement) I got tired of Barker.
I wouldn't be able to do that! Especially if I liked, or even loved, the book. I want to own everything I read - I'm weird that way.

Cheers, Martin
Martin said:
I wouldn't be able to do that! Especially if I liked, or even loved, the book. I want to own everything I read - I'm weird that way.

Cheers, Martin
I used to be that way until: A) I ran out of room (both at home AND my rental storage -- something HAD to give. B) Got short on funds and realized if I didn't join the library I'd not be able to read anything.

So just give it time, Martin -- life will get in the way of your goal yet. :rolleyes: