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What do you use as a bookmark?


Right now I am using my son's favorite flashcard (a green truck) from the Baby Einstein series. That way we don't lose it, and I can pull it out to cheer him up in emergencies! :)
I use many different things for bookmarks, probably due to the fact I always have many different books on the go at once.

Currently, for my main book, I am using an image of the sarcophagus of Tutankhamun, which is fitting as I am reading River God which is based in egypt.
I also use postcards that I pick up from random places and these often get placed in the front of the book once I have read them so that they can be used by anyone I lend the books to.

Some of my books are nice hardback editions that have the piece of ribbon to use.

The final set of bookmarks I am using are a set created for my online book group, but these get strategically left on the tube as a shoddy form of advertising for the site :eek:

I have never, and will never, fold the corner of a page down to mark my place. If I am ever caught without a bookmark or piece of scrap paper I just close the book and refind my place again later.

I have never, ever folded down the corner of a page and never will! I absolutely hate it when people do that. I am very fussy about keeping my books in as pristine a condition as possible, but for some reason I do not like bookmarks, and never use one!
I either remember the page number, or tear a tiny sliver of paper off the TV guide and use that! :)
I don't bother with a bookmark, I simply tear out & discard the pages I have read. Unless, of course, it is a borrowed book, then I will throw the pages into a bag as I tear them off and return them, with the cover, when I am done because it always pays to be polite. :)
Originally posted by letterHead
I print up my own bookmarks and leave them in the book for when I give them away.

Do you print out proper bookmarks, pictures you like, or images done by yourself?

Originally posted by Knowze Gungk
I don't bother with a bookmark, I simply tear out & discard the pages I have read. Unless, of course, it is a borrowed book, then I will throw the pages into a bag as I tear them off and return them, with the cover, when I am done because it always pays to be polite. :)
LOL, remind me never to lend you one of my books :D
My Grandmother gave me a bookmark in 1972 when I was 10 years old. I still use it today and it would kill me if I ever lost it.

It was just one of those bookmarks you get from giftshops, with tassles. It's quite faded now but it's dark blue with a picture of a night owl and the words:
This is where I fell asleep.

It's taken me through thousands of pages!
I had a bookmark once, but I lost it very quickly. Now, as I always did, I use various pieces of paper or I just close a book and look for the moment where I finished the next day. The latter is unavoidably connected with a waste of time and repetitions. It's definitely not a very efficient and comfortable system, but I got used to that. No chance for change, I'm afraid.
I liek to make my own bookmarks on teh computer or something. Sometimes when I'm bored i'll just draw a picture on a scrap of papaer and it becomes my bookmark. A lot of times i just use whatever is around me at the time. Like a ticket stub or deflated balloon or something.
I admit, I used to be a page folder, I had a problem. I'm glad I can admit that now. lol. A few years ago I started to memorise the page, but after a while, or on those days where you read a few pages, put it down, pick it up, read seven more pages, ect. ect... It got hard. Now I use pictures or friends or my family. I love pictures of people, so I use a new one for every new book. I'd rather see people I know and love then the name of the library or bookstore or something.
I use my bookmark with books on it...:) lol...It's just a large artistic like bookmark that they were selling at the Sydney Art Gallery and I saw it, loved it so I bought it. I never bought bookmarks before...use to make them or use scrap paper.
I have about four nice bookmarks, I baught most of them, but one was my grandmother's. I keep my bookmark in a corner of my bookshelf, but seem to forget to grab one when I go out the door with a book, so most of the time I end up using scraps of paper or recipts, I've even used a cd before...I admit, I used to fold the pages, but, I don't do that anymore.
I'd love to buy a really expensive, good bookmark that would last me forever but I can't seem to find one anywhere! The only ones my local bookstore have are cheapy Lord of the Rings themed bookmarks with tassles that I'm sure would fall off after a small bit of wear and tear. I've even tried e-bay looking for one with no luck.
About folding corners of the page ...

This is a bit of a rant, so bear with me.

I just finished reading Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood which I borrowed from the library.

It was a relatively new copy, BUT someone had folded the corners of pages as they went along. It was SO evident that you could follow the progression of this person's reading by just flipping through the book to stop at the bent pages. And I'm not talking about little, bitty, bent corners - I'm talking about huge chunks of corners turned back 2-3 cm. with precise, sharp creases. My point is that, if everyone did this, it doesn't take a genius to realize the book isn't going to last long in circulation.

Now, I don't have a problem if it's your own book. You can fold corners, underline, scribble in the margins, and use it as a coaster for all I care. However, when it's a library book, paid for by public funds and meant for the enjoyment of the all, then I CARE! Please don't do it! :mad:

- -- Deep Breath -- -I feel much better now ;)
I sometimes tear off the dated part of a newspaper... it's amusing when you're looking through your old books and find a yellowed scrap of paper dating back 3 years in the middle of a novel you never even finished reading :eek:.

I also have an old plane ticket from San Francisco to Los Angeles that I picked up somewhere... I'm not sure what it was doing in New Zealand but it's now been my bookmark for several years :p.
there was that famous explorer, i forget his name now, he was going solo to the north pole i think it was and he had a book to occupy himself while he trudged through the snow.

rather than bookmark the page he was on or simply folder the corner over, he ripped the page he just read and buried it in the snow to save on weight.

now that's what i call digesting a book.