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What do you use as a bookmark?

My children make mine for me. There's always someone who wants to make one for me. Wish I'd saved all of them...

As for folding corners - here I go fainting again....It's just too much.
I almost never use a bookmark. I have a very good memory so I can generally find where I left off quickly.

Also, I try my best to stop reading at the beginning of a new chapter. It just helps me not to jump in at odd points in the story.

Usually I improvise whenever I feel some need to use a bookmark. Most often it is a piece of paper, but I have once or twice used a rubber band to mark my place.
I'm terrible with bookmarks-I do dogear some books...library books, mostly, which are usually terribly dog-eared anyway.

I used to use one dollar bills like the poster above. I liked that because when things got tight, there was always a special surprise in books I picked back up to read after a long hiatus.

However, I discovered I was returning too many $ bills to the library with my books, so I stopped. :)

Now, I usually grab a handful of free bookmarks at the library each time I check out books. I get funny looks from the librarians, but I do use them all (I usually have at least three books going at once...) so I don't feel so bad. :)
Toilet paper! Haha...yes I've done that before, and no I was not reading it in the bathroom...or whatever is handy. I only fold the page over if they have already been folded by someone else and I'm absolutely desperate.
Every time I go to a store that sells paint, I pick up the sample color strips to use as bookmarks. But I've been known to use everything else as well. I like business cards especially, they're usually a bit thicker and so easier to find.

I would never turn down a corner, though I have been known to have the book open, face down for a short interruption.
Great idea with the sample strips Ashlea.

With my current bookmark, just a free one from WH Smith, I have taken to ripping it up as I read the book so that I can mark pages I need to go back to when I have finished the book and want to collect my thoughts for writing a review of it. Must get more bookmarks I can shred.

I use a postcard of the Statue of Liberty by Keith Haring, it's a great bookmark. My mom always causes me to crack up since she uses whatever's handy as a bookmark- once she used a hot sauce packet from Taco Bell!
I find post it notes really useful. They don't mark the book and you can stick them under the line you just read!
I lent someone a book once, when I got it back there were pages falling out of it!!! I had to go and buy another copy!
When I was in london recently I bought myself a nice bookmark with a socalled 'Foot Guard' on it. It's nice, I like it!

One of these:

Cheers, Martin
I got fed up losing bookmarks so started just using the first thing that came to hand - train ticket, phone bill etc but i was forever losing those as well and having to re-read to find my place again. Then i had a brainstorm one day and put an elastic band around the book ... bingo !! ... no more lost bookmarks ... so now i use a real bookmark again - a thin plastic one with reproduced wildlife artwork on it from RSPB Minsmere.
But, doesn't the elastic band make the actual cardboard or paper bookmark obsolete?

Cheers, (a speculative) Martin :D
I think this is more a case of putting the band horizontally around the whole book, therefore keeping it shut tight around the contents and attachements, rather than, what I also first thought, using the band vertically and marking the current page whilst 'binding' those that have been read or, upon the readers whim, those to be read.

Originally posted by phil_t
Yeah, its hard dirty work is reading ;)


What I meant was that I carry a book with me everywhere I go (in my bag) - useful when sitting on the tube, bus, in waiting rooms etc.

Believe you me the morning rush hour on the Piccadilly Line is hard, dirty work.