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Who is your favorite fictional character and why?


New Member
Who is your favorite character and why?
I'll admit my favorite character is Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot for several reasons:
his superb use of his little grey cells
his conceite makes him really amusing
his foreign ways
his amusing habit of carefully brushing specks of dust off of his clothes and carefully arranging knicknacks on mantelpieces.
lol...all in all I think he's a great character and I would have loved to meet him if he had been real. :D
Hector from Homer's Iliad for his heightened sense of obligation, duty, and love for his family / country: fights in a war that he does not believe in, but does so because he understands that not doing so would result in dire consequences of loved ones. Typical "torn hero" characterisation, but love him nonetheless. Can't think of a favourite female character at the moment, but will post once it hits me :)
Like my tastes in books, it changes like the wind for me. Right now it's:

Basil Hallward from "Dorian Gray". Can't put my finger on why.
Edgar Mint. A fighter who laughs in the face of adversity and all the crap that life dishes out to him. Always a good quality.
Midori from "Norwegian Wood". Full of life, unpredictable, just a generally cool gal.

And I hate to admit it but I do have a bit of a soft spot for Bridget Jones. But then what 30-something single girl living in London hasn't from time to time?
Fiction's Greatest Characters, Your Favorite?

Dorian Grey is my favorite fictional character. (Although Wilde's book 'The Picture of Dorian Grey' was autobiographical and Dorian Grey was in essence Wilde).

Dorian's character is complex and develops slowly as the plot unfolds. His evil tendencies increase as he trades his soul for eternal youth and delves further into the dark world of seedy pleasures.

His descent to destruction begins immediately after his vile wish is granted. Naturally, Dorian's extreme vanity is the leading cause of his demise however the subtle duplicity of his nature provides an intriguing view of human nature and the depths we are willing to sink in order to maintain our fleeting beauty/youth.

The books message is relevant today and haunting.

Who is your favorite fictional character?
Now at this very moment is John Mischief form Abarat. I don't know why but he sympathize me, particularly his brothers.

And for all books I read. Is Koroviev, from Master and Margarita ....
Do you read this book? In one time hi is very serious, in other laughing-stock.
But jokes of his very malicious. And people suffer, suffer very hard.
But in justice Koroviev is right, he punished always bad persons. Which is in plenty in our world, for my compassion.
There are so many, but I want to give John Mortimer a little boost here. I love Rumpole of the Bailey. He's so funny, and I adore the way he accepts nonviolent crime and his lot in life with a bottle of Chateau Thames plonk and wry humor. I wish he was my great-uncle Horace and I could go visit him.
I have a few favorites.

from Harry Potter: Harry Potter, Sirius Black, Ron Weasley, Albus Dumbledore
from Pendragon: Bobby Pendragon, Press Tilton, Vo Spader, Gunny Van Dike
from LOTR: Frodo, Aragorn/Strider, Gandalf, Legolas
For Relic, Cabinet of Curiosities, Still Life With Crows, and Brimstone: Pendergast and for most of those D'agosta. Two of my favorite characters.

The St. Bernard in Cujo.

Hmm... can't think of anymore.
My favorite characters tend to come from the classics. I loved Jane Eyre and I also thought Jean Valjean from Les Miserables was an incredible character. And Sydney Carton from Tale of Two Cities. He was such a wretch, but so noble at the end.
my favorite is Immacolata, from Barker's Weaveworld. she's strong, arrogant, brutal and evil. in the novel she is broken, but then she remembers herself and comes back in a fantastically hideous manner.
Nice topic:) (in no particular order and strictly from literature, movies out)

Sherlock Holmes - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Hercule Poirot - Agatha Christie
Flagg- Steven King
Tyrion Lannister - George R.R. martin (yes I think he is that monumental of a character)
James Bond - Ian Flemming
Huckleberry Finn - Mark Twain
Gormenghast - Mervyn Peake
Mariko Buntaro - Shogun
Atticus Finch - Harper Lee
Muad Dibb - Frank Herbert
Stevens - Kazuo Ishiguro
Tarzan - Edgar Rice Burroughs
Batman - Frank Miller's depiction
Dream/Morpheus - Neil Gaiman
Edmond Duntes - Count of Monte Cristo

Athos of The Three Musketeers and the other novels that followed it.

Edited for spelling error I just noticed. :eek:
Roland, the Gunslinger in Stephen King's Dark Tower
Harry Bosch - Michael Connelly
Jack Reacher - Lee Child
Billy Bob Holland - James Lee Burke
Nick Stone - Andy McNab
Phillip Marlowe - Raymond Chandler
Starbuck - Bernard Cornwall
Myron Bolitar - Harlan Coben
Alex McKnight - Steve Hamilton
I think it has to be the main character from all my favourite authors. Isn't that one of the reasons why we keep going back for more?
Samwise Gamgee – Lord Of The Rings
Samuel Hamilton – East Of Eden
Atticus Finch – To Kill A Mockinbird
Gus – Lonesome Dove
Elizabeth Bennett – Pride And Prejudice
Lately, I've had in mind Clarissa Dalloway. A beautiful, frustrated, mature woman who is questioning her sexuality? Yeah, she and I could have gotten along just fine.
Elizabeth Bennet (Pride & Prej.)
Lessa (Dragonriders series: Dragonflight, etc)
Sherlock Holmes (The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Holmes)
Lord Peter Wimsey (From Dorothy L. Sayers' mysteries)
Lord Vetinari (From Discworld)
Death, Death of Rats, & Albert (From Discworld)
Sydney Carton from A Tale of Two Cities.
Jake and Oy from The Dark Tower Series.
Jack Sawyer and Wolf from The Talisman.
Victor Mancini from Choke.