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Who is your favorite fictional character and why?


New Member
mine is prince nikolai, from dostoyevsky's the possessed. i find him the perfect embodiment of the loss of humanity and dosto showed how attractive that is to people.


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OK, just off the top of my head (actually off of every side of my bookshelves :rolleyes: ), a list of great men in books:

The brooding mysterious ones: Sydney Carton in A tale of two cities, Shadow in American gods, Childermass in Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, and obviously Heathcliff (77 times winner of the Most Troubled Romantic Lead award)

The witty ones: Lord Darlington and Lord Henry Wotton by Oscar Wilde

The tough ones: Sam Spade by Dashiell Hammett, Philip Marlowe by Raymond Chandler, Sam Vimes by Terry Pratchett

The just gorgeous and cute ones (a selection): Henry Fitzroy by Tanya Huff, Lord John by Diana Gabaldon, Ghost in Lost Souls, Lord Ravis in The barbed coil

And then, of course, Aragorn.

Ahem. I'm sure I have female favourite characters too. Shame on me and back to the bookshelf in the name of equality!



New Member
Such a great character has to be 'Don Quixote' or 'Don Quixote De La Mancha' if you will.

Hes funny, witty, philosophically logical with his deduction of courses, and of course always insane:) Just a man with a dream and a life he wished he lived and in a sense does:D


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Favorite character?

Who is your favorite fictional character? Why? What makes this character so engaging, appealing or interesting?
this is a very ver hard descision to make, mainly because i have a lot of books i like, and a lot of characters i like for various reasons, some more than others at various times. but mostly it's Artemis Fowl and Athos/Comte de la fere. Artemis for his wit, intelligence, sarcasm, and how he doesn't break a sweat saving the world(usually), just plans it all accurately and always knows the answer.

why i like athos..much more difficult. Of the 4 musketeers, I guess he's at the same time the most noble, brave and wise. He's kind of like a young Gandalf for d'artagnan, although he's only a few years older.


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I've merged this new thread with another thread on the same topic. If possible, please try to do a search before posting. Thanks! :)


Right now I really love Kori from the books The Ocean Tribe and The Island Tribe(Charlotte Prentiss/Charles Platt). She is everything I've ever wanted to see in a female lead. She contradicts so many sterotypes. There are some other headstrong female leads, but they always seem to be striving to prove something. It always seems like they are more trying to impress or make someone believe that they are that way, but Kori is not like this. The fact that she is written by a male author is just...it's awesome. I didn't even understand what I wanted to see in a female character until I read these books.


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My favorite character must be Scout Finch from 'To Kill a Mockingbird'. She just captured my heart from page1 and even though her naivety goes a little bit far sometimes, she so reminds me of myself when I was her age tat it seemed to me, while reading the book, I had found a long lost little sister.


New Member
my favourite character is M. Hercule Poirot, he is very intelligent, good by heart and a perfect gentleman.

when i was ateenager i was fallen love with Sydney Carton from "Tale of Two Cities"


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I just realised that for some reason I have posted two different times on this thread. Sorry about that, but nothing has changed, my favourite character is still Raistlin.


New Member
There are so many, but I want to give John Mortimer a little boost here. I love Rumpole of the Bailey. He's so funny, and I adore the way he accepts nonviolent crime and his lot in life with a bottle of Chateau Thames plonk and wry humor. I wish he was my great-uncle Horace and I could go visit him.

:) many a happy hour spent have I with good old uncle horace talking about the penge bungalow murders


New Member
Mine would have to be Hagrid from te Harry Potter books... I relate to him a lot... I may not be tall but I am big... We are both rough on the outside soft in he middle...
Peter Wiggin from the Ender Series by Orson Scott Card. I love Peter because you have the chance to see him evolve from an evil older brother who enjoys torturing squirrels into the universally loved leader of the world by the time he's 30. He's witty. You never really know what his motives are: has he really changed or has he just gotten better at hiding his dark and sinister side? I love when Card writes from Peter's perspective because the world through Peter's eyes is full of opportunity, he just needs to find a way to take advantage of that...in a way he's deliciously evil, acting solely for his own benefit, however his actions result in peace and global unity on Earth. He's a very compelling character.

I also adore Remus Lupin and Sirius Black...


BOROMIR!!!!!!!!!!!!! So HOT! Ok er...*coughs* we wont go there...suffice it to say blondie here has had a crush on The Captain of Gondor for rather a long time...hehe...other characters hmm...Sam Gamgee, The Old One, Puddleglum (AWESOME I can never stop laughing...:p ) The Mariner, Tubby Ted, Stargirl, Suzy Turquoise Blue....so many more.:rolleyes:


New Member
Roland Deschain of the Dark Tower series by Stephen King. He's brave, forthright, fearless and the good-guy. Like me. :D



New Member
Let's see.....

Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice...she's exactly the kind of person I'd like to be!
Becky Sharp from Vanity Fair...she's so deliciously selfish
Sam Gamgee from The Lord of the Rings...he's the best friend anyone could want, and so much better written that Frodo
Lestat from The Vampire Chronicles...who couldn't love him?


New Member
I think I'm going to have to say:
Mick from "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter"--I don't know why, actually, she is just a really cool gal
Stargirl from "Stargirl"--a fearless girl, absolutely free and confident, and also so kind
Jane Eyre from "Jane Eyre"--I suppose I admire her