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Who is your favorite fictional character and why?

Roland Deschain from Stephen King's Dark Tower Series

Roland is the most tragic I have ever read. But yet also the most relentless. No matter what obstacles are laid in his path or what horrors befall him he continues on. He has an unquestioning since of justice. If something is right then he must do it no matter how hard, although sometimes small justices get overlooked in favor of larger ones. He is the most fearless and brave character in literature and at the same time the scariest and most dangerous. He is both a killer and a saviour. He is an anti-hero and a hero. Through seven books we watch Roland change, at first we are merely fascinated with him and in awe of his abilities, but as the series moves on we grow to love him and more importantly we grow to understand him.
Elphaba from Gregory Maguire's Wicked
Misunderstood, heart-wrenching character​
Anita Blake from Laurell K. Hamilton's series
I love her sarcasm and wit​
Jack Torrance from Stephen King's The Shining
As he changes from normal to twisted and creepy​
Hermione from J.K. Rowling's series
Her intelligence, her compulsion to read about and learn about everything, and, most of all, her know-it-all presence​
There are so many others, I will post more when I can think of them.

Lymond from The Game of Kings by Dorothy Dunnett
Patriotic, quick-witted and dangerous.
Stephanie Plum from the Janet Evanovich series. She is a quirky and sometimes clueless lingerie sales girl turned bounty hunter. She has 2 hot guys after, Joe is the stable Trenton police officer and Ranger, he is the hot Cuban bounty hunter and is a loose cannon.
I admire Alice in Alice in Wonderland. In a world of amazing happenings, she stands her ground and always says something sensible. She really takes it as it comes.
Let's see...
Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice - the reason all the irony and sarcasm works really well in this book is because of Elizabeth's intelligence. Although Mr. Darcy is sort of attractive too...

Hermione Granger from Harry Potter- Hermione has always been an inspiration because she's so smart and bookish, but also a good friend, and very shrewd. Her love of learning and knowing things is infectious.

Artemis Fowl - for his intelligence and wonderful quotes.

Aragorn from Lord of the Rings - the typical lost heir/king/whatever who has to surive and be a hero and then becomes king and yada yada..

Alex Rider - just because he's british and brave. Sort of like a teenage James Bond.

and of course, Nathaniel from the Bartimaeus Trilogy - for his ingenuity, bravery and his
action and redemption at the end of book 3
Sherlock Holmes...
He is without doubt the most ingenious fictional character ever, or at least within the realms of belief. Plus the way the books are written and the style of the man, which you can only really start to understand when you realise you will never understand him..
My favorite character so far is definitely Andre-Louis Moreau/Scaramouche from Scaramouche by Rafael Sabatini. He's just so brave and gentlemanly but still not perfect.
Fascinating question. There are so many, but Maigret from Georges Simenon's novels possibly just takes it by a nose from Raymond Chandler's Marlowe.
I say Patrick O'Brian's Doctor Stephen Maturin.

He is a gentleman, a scholar, respected intellectual, a romantic idealist, but without a penny to his name. He is ruthless spy who will never loose touch of his mission, yet at the same time he is clumsy and comical, a landlubber living the life of a sailor by coincidence.
I'm surprised that no one mentioned the ayn rand characters.

Hmm..well for me..I think it is Elizabeth Bennet.
I actually was thinking about mentioning D'Anconia or whatever the dude's name was from Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. John Galt can suck it for all I care. Rearden was a pretty cool dude, but not nearly as cool as D'Anconia. The pirate was cool, but lacked a part in the book.

Other than that, I would say Odysseus, from the Odyssey. Not only does he kick it against Poseiden, but he rocks out with everyone. He's just an entirely badass dude.
It's hard to pick just a couple!

Daemon and Lucivar from Anne Bishops Black Jewels series - Two dangerous damaged brothers that still manage a sense of humour and honor

Phedre no Delaunay - Jacqueline Careys Kushiels Legacy & Imriel trilogy - simply the most stunning char I've ever read. She is strong, intelliegent and loyal. She accepts who and what she is without losing herself in it when she easily could.

Jaenelle - Black Jewels
Ayla & Jondalar - Earths children - Jean M Auel
and too many to think about from Wheel of Time and Song of Ice and Fire

Without a doubt, Jack Reacher from Killing Floor, Die Trying, Tripwire, Running Blind, Echo Burning, Without Fail, The Enemy, Persuader, One Shot, The Hard Way, and Bad Luck & Trouble by Lee Child. He's the MAN!
This question made me realize that it has been loooong time since I had a soft spot for a character. How sad! I'll have to go with:

Janie in Their Eyes Were Watching God, representing the girls. Haven't read the book in years, but I remember her very well, and often.

And representing the boys - the ever popular Mr. Darcy in Pride & Prejudice. I'm a sucker for characters that are misunderstood. Plus I'm more of a romantic than I'd like to admit... :)

Redeeming quality: I hate hate hate the newest Pride & Prejudice movie.
One of my latest favorite characters would have to be Raoul in Dumas' musketeers series. Loyal to a fault, eager to please, never afraid to join a fray.
Admittedly, these responses are probably coloured by how they were portrayed in movies.

Female: Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables) - A character with spirit

Male: Aragorn (LOTR) - Loyal, came to greatness out of a (nearly) dead history but won against the odds.

Animal: Eeyore - His constant depressed state made me laugh (probably had a lot to do with his voiceover in the movies as well)

Villain: Gollum - Tragic character, I also pitied him. Again, Andy Serkis' voiceover (and portrayal) in the movie helped tip the scales there.