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Who is your favourite author, and why?

Lewis Carol and JR Tolkein. They are absolutely timeless and they helped to expand my mind as a child. What amazing imaginary worlds that they have spawned.
Easy question: Terry Pratchet, because he wrote Diskworld ;)

It’s not at-all heavy and won’t earn me any highbrow points, but it’s fun.
And reading should be more fun than a lot of people seem to think ;)
My favourite authors are Graham Greene, Anthony Burgess and George Orwell. They write from the heart, as do all good writers. It's great to submerge yourself in their characters.
I love russians authors at the moment. Probably because one of my best memories is a holiday which I spent here together with my lover and she introduced me to russian authors at that time. There are of course a lot of them, so which do I like most?
That's really a tough question. Not because I have read so many (I still have a long way to go), but because I haver three favourites:

Pushkin - because of his great poems. Every single one contains deep thoughts - there is nothing superficial in them. My favourite is so far "The bronze Horseman", based on this statue in St. Petersburg.

Dostojevsky - for his great psychological review of human behaviour.
My favourite story so far is The idiot. At thefreelibrary.com you'll find the full text in English.

Last but not least I love Tolstoy - for his thoughts that you'll find nowhere else.
Harlan Coben

Well, that would, of course, depend on what type of thrillers you prefer. However, Harlan Coben is one of my favourite thriller authors.
I am a huge Harlan Coben fan - I've read all of his books and have for the most part LOVED them. They can catch you right from the first page, especially Myron Bolitar books.
The lead character is Myron Bolitar, a former athlete turned agent whom all the stories (this is the 10th) revolve around. The author definitely relies on the previous novels for character development for the recurring characters, but otherwise this is a good standalone.
His newest Live Wire is now out you should definitely get it if the style suits you.
Add one more point to Ken Follett!
I am a huge fan of him - his books were made into movies already (those were quite brute but still great!), the best proof :cool:
The newest one is Fall of Giants - you must have heard about it already - if you like long historical novels, it's a must!:cool:
i rarely pick books by author, i pick by what grabs my interest looking around the bookstore

sometimes if i read a book and it's really good, i may actually seek out another ont by the same author

or if i've read one i really didnt like, i keep that author in mind and remember to not get anymore of their books lol
I have the same thouhgts about it) I don't have favorite author but last months mostly reading Harlan Coben :cool:
My favourite author changes a lot. Right now it's James Joyce because his novels have so many layers in them waiting for me to uncover them. And I really like how he uses different styles in Ulysses for each section.
Right now I'm working on my dissertation which is on Ulysses. :)
Boy, this is a tougher question than it looks. I guess i'd pick Richard Herman Jr - at this time. I'm not about reading through the air adventures all the time, but he is definitely in my top 3 of technothriller writers. If asked again in a few months, it'll probably go to an under the sea writer like Michael DiMercurio. I have to change up, but the style remains the same.
Because I normally read non-fiction, so I pick up the book that have the information I am looking for.

In other words, I don't go by the author, but normally read the book that attracts my attention and also the title if it's of interest to me.
Which book was it lies? Some are not as good as his other. I personally think that "The Firm" was his best of the ones I've read.

That was a good book, worst movie ever, though. and to the reply that John Grisham is for boys, that is not true. I am super girly and I loved every book I read by Grisham.
My favorite author is John Stienbeck because he is diverse, easy to read, and thought provoking. He is always interesting, the only book I didn't like so far from him was burning bright.
Steinbeck is one of my favorites too! And I have few more. But I don't think I want to read every book by my favorite authors. I'll read many by the authors, but not all. I cannot see any human being able to produce something that satiates the public 100%.
Nora Roberts
Katie Fforde
Jill Mansell
Lesley Pearse
Karen Rose

I have also in my collection other authors that I am going to try there books.
I Love Nora Roberts, she writes great romantic thrillers! It's always packed full of suspense and I can never seem to put her books down.