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Who is your favourite author, and why?

One of my favourites is Linwood Barclay, but there are so many more. I mostly read thrillers and mysteries and there are a lot of good authors. Also have been reading some of Phillip Margolin's books, good legal suspense and I like that.
I have read too many books to have a favourite.
I suspect regular readers would all have the same quandry.
I have read Barclay, but aftyer a while he is pretty formulaic.
I think Michael Moorcock is the one for me! I guess I just love his writing and his way of building the characters. As I am trying to read books in English now I guess that I'll begin by re-reading his books! Best author ever! :buttrock
I like the john Sanford prey novels. My only gripe being they all have prey in the title and sometimes I forget. which ones I've read.
J.R.R. Tolkien would be my favorite for fiction.
I can re-read his work and still discover new bits and pieces.
Gary Paulsen Hands down for me Brians Saga is the only Series I re-read on an annual basis.

Next it would be Cassandra Clare.

I read Clockwork Angel fell in love blew through Clockwork Prince and Princess working on the Bane Chronicles (finding time to read while working 12 hr days 7 days a week is not easy) while im trying to find City of Bones in a specific cover art in hard back. Then ill start that and work my way into The Dark Artifacts Series.
I truly and absolutely enjoy reading Zadie Smith. I find her painting visual imagination for me like noone is quite able to
I do have a few authors whose works i absolutely adore
Amitav Ghosh ( an Indian author with some of the best works i have read )
Sylvia Plath ( I personally love her works)
Mo xiang tong xui (A Chinese author Again has some amazing novel. I have read her translated versions. Her works are more fantasy based.)