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Who is your favourite author, and why?

Recent new find, and one of the best I have read in recent crime fiction. Martin Walker and his Bruno series. Set in the Dordogne region in France, the books are like a mix of Peter Mayle's books about Provence and the cozy British country side detective novels.

5 books in the series thus far, and I am on the fourth. They seem to get better as the series progresses. Not essential, but best read in order. Highly recommended, very addictive, comfort food, but classier kind.
these sound like My cup of tea. thanks so much for making me aware of an author I did know know about.
You are welcome:)

There is a lot of information written into the books. Truffles, Wines, Rugby, Foie Gras, Horses, Dogs, French involvement in Algeria and Vietnam, ETA and the Basque separatist movement...and plenty more.

The French love their food, and in the book it seems that there is always a gourmet meal going on with mouth watering descriptions of the cooking. Along with the criminal things going on of course, and Bruno in the thick of things in his inimitable way. I expect someone will make a movie out of this soon, but it will be a challenge to come up to the levels that the books reach.

I have just started the last book, and I am sorry that for now there isn't any more to read in the series!
Your description makes this even more interesting for me. I'm such a foodie, and I love mystery/crime books. Thanks for the information. They are now on my TBR list.
I'm such a foodie, and I love mystery/crime books.
In which case, you will love Bruno:)

Just finished the 5th - The Devil's Cave - and the last for now. While I will pick up the next one whenever it is out, I must confess to a little disappointment in this one. It feels like the same amount of butter is being used now for more and more toast...up until the 4th book, it didn't seem that way.
I really am having a hard time picking a favorite author.i love Dickens,and my current favorite for non fiction is Bill Bryson.
I think my favorite goes with the season and also depends on what genre I am reading at a particular time. For fiction it is Karen Kingsbury and for non-fiction, I like Dag Heward-Mills...I guess you haven't heard of him.

Charles Dickens. The very best!
Susan Mallery

:DMy favorite author is SUSAN MALLERY she writes romance novels but her books especially those SHEIKHS love those SHEIKH books.:)
Though Stephen King is still my favorite by far, David Wong has become another. I just hope there isn't another five-year wait for his next book release.
Well, Suzanne Collins is the best author for me. I love also Beth Revis, who wrote one of the best fantasy book I've read in my life (about traveling in space, look: Across the Universe). I should also say a word about John Marsden, australian author who wrote Tomorrow series. Love that so much
I've given up on having a favorite. I am however a big fan of Robert Heinlein, Kurt Vonnegut Jr., Christopher Moore, Mark Twain, Orson Scott Card, and a whole bunch of others along that line.

I probably have a big, BIG thing for wit and satire...
My list is not too long, but far and away, the authors at the top of my list are, in no particular order: Vladimir Nabokov, Virginia Woolf, William Faulkner, Marcel Proust, John Banville, John LeCarre. It is against these that I compare all others, classics included.

And I would mention one equally outstanding but lesser known author who makes the cut into the final seven: James Salter. His writing is brilliant.

There are other authors and books better known and more esteemed among the lists of bests in literary circles (world's best, all-time bests, best classics, and so forth). I have read many of them also, but the seven I mention have given me the most total enjoyment in terms of combined story-telling and writing style. They have been worth the time and effort spent in reading them.

My apologies for other people's favorites and for the famous classics I have omitted.
I have only recently discovered my favourite author - Haruki Murakami. I read 1Q84 and since have been hooked and currently reading my fifth of his, Kafka on the Shore. I can't really put my finger on what it is about him. His writing is very clear and simple but very clever at the same time. He could write about any subject and I'd be hooked.
Amongst other modern writers I like David Mitchell and DBC Pierre.
My favourite book of all time is Count of Monte Cristo - the Robin Buss translation.
I discovered one of my favorite authors in 1993 while in high school, I was drawn to a book by some unknown compelling force, which became one of the most epic books I have ever read, it's title was IT, it's author was Stephen King. I had read books before, but I had never tried to tackle a novel that big. It was my first foray into horror and wanting to do it right I read it almost entirely at night, after my parents went to bed, alone. The mood was perfect. I squirmed, and laughed, squirmed some more, got angered, and cried. Never had an author brought out so much emotion from me. I finished it within a week, mind, blown. I began devouring King's books one after another, they spoke to me. To this day, only one other author has elicited my attention so much. His name is Howard Phillips Lovecraft. Understand something about me, I love the macabre, I'm drawn to it the way I was drawn to King that day in 1993. Lovecraft's stories of the bizarre were so alien, so unimaginable to me, that they literally gave me nightmares. Some would probably say, why did you keep reading him if he gave you nightmares? My answer would be that reading horror for me is the equivalent of get myself strapped into a roller-coaster and going for a ride, it's is quite simply a thrill and reading Lovecraft was like going on the tallest, longest, and fastest roller-coaster ever. Since then I have broadened out to fantasy, mystery, crime, science fiction, and thrillers but horror will always be my favorite, thank you Mr. King and thank you Mr. Lovecraft for your wonderful stories.