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Who is your favourite author, and why?

My favorite author would probably be Ted Dekker. He puts so much emotion into what he writes. When you read his books, you know what the characters are feeling. It feels real, if you know what I mean. The emotion doesn't seem forced or fake. I also like how he writes a large variety of genres from action to fantasy to horror.
My favorite author is Richard K. Morgan. He writes futuristic cyberpunk and I love his descriptive narrative. He links ideas metaphorically I would never think to associate with one another.
People usually start with Altered Carbon, which has a detective story-like plot. But I prefer 13 ("Black Man" in England). I think he comes into his own with this book.
i rarely pick books by author, i pick by what grabs my interest looking around the bookstore

sometimes if i read a book and it's really good, i may actually seek out another ont by the same author

or if i've read one i really didnt like, i keep that author in mind and remember to not get anymore of their books lol

You mean judging a book truly by its cover? lol..I do that too, but I do have my favorites. Colleen Hoover, Kristen Hannah, Anne Rice. There really are too many too name. It's always fun to find a random book thats really good though and check out more by that author...and all joking aside, the cover really is important!
That keeps changing. I seem to be on a Margaret Peterson Haddix kick, so I guess she's the current fav.

Brandon Sanderson's a definite favorite, though I must say I didn't care all that much for the middle-grade book (Rithmatist) not compared to his other works.
Bill Bryson, he Has yet to write a book I haven't loved. I buy his all books both in trade paperback and audio and enjoy them again and again. I even named my dog Bryson :)
I tend to read "through" authors. If I read a book that I really like - I then start reading through the author's books. I like a wide variety of genre so my reading is pretty broad. I have been reading Joyce Carol Oates for years. She is so prolific, I don't know if I will ever catch up. I have been reading and enjoying Bill Bryson. His books are very clever and well researched. I have been reading a lot of classics lately - I just turned 60 and am finally getting around to the books I always meant to read. I read a lot of women authors: Donna Tartt, Margaret Atwood, Amy Tan and many others - though I am not so focused I won't read a Michael Connolly, Stephen King or Dean Koontz every now and again. I really lucked out with Truman Capote, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Tennessee Williams. I am pretty sure I have read all of their books. I once took 6 or 7 copies of The Glass Menagerie to Golden Gate Park and tried asking folks to read it with me - each reading a different character (I was much younger). I got some strange reactions. Some folks obviously thought I was nuts. Others were intrigued but did not want to commit the time to go through it. I digress. I very rarely share the Glass Menagerie story cause folks think I am a bit off kilter but it made sense to me at the time...
There are a lot of authors that I love (not really), but I would have to pick Vladimir Nabokov. I think so because, in my young life, he was the first author who made me really think (and I mean really think) about what I was reading, about the characters, about the story, and about the universe. The first book of his I read was Pale Fire, which was challenging but still entertaining. Most of his other books provided a similar challenge. In his books I end up learning more about Nabokov than I could ever learn of another author through their writing. I might have grown too fond of him since I tend to get impatient or irritated when I read most other fiction.
I've read many book in my life,. but the one that me moved emotionally is the wonderful
"wuthering heights" ("Cime tempestose").
this is my favourite because Emily Brontë is so sweet an so pure.
she transmits me the very essence of love. Of course, is ..a very tormented love and also so tragic!

other author: One of the best for me is Paulo Coelho.
My choices are very cliched, I'm afraid. Stephen King, HP Lovecraft, Oscar Wilde, Silvia Plath and Ira Levin are my favourite writers. Don't judge me.
My choices are very cliched, I'm afraid. Stephen King, HP Lovecraft, Oscar Wilde, Silvia Plath and Ira Levin are my favourite writers. Don't judge me.

Ah, the Lovecraft is strong in this one, I see.

I have different authors for different moods. Terry Pratchett to cheer me up, Arthur Conan Doyle when I'm in the mood for crime-solving, Edgar Allan Poe when I'm in one of my gloomy phases. I usually find when I've had a gruelling session with Lord of the Flies or Victor Hugo that an afternoon with P. G. Wodehouse will restore me to my usual temper.
Elizabeth Bear, currently, but we are doomed to split because I can't commit.

Ralph Ellison and I are long time friends, and he is as close to a favorite as I have.
For me right not it's David Weber. I love Sci-Fi and his world building is just great. Also, I love it when he mixes high-tech sci-fi with low-tech, not in the steampunk way but in the high tech people on a low tech planet way.