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Who is your favourite author, and why?

As of right now, Brandon Sanderson. I like pretty much all of his books and he is my favorite current author. For all time.. I don't really know. There are just too many.
^^ I've just finished reading Kafka on the Shore by Murakami. I've read 6 of his books and he's definitely my favourite author as well.
My all time favorite author: Terry Goodkind. Why? Honestly I fell in love with Richard and Kahlan. He did such a great job developing his characters in the Sword of Truth series (though his first book was a bit rough—however he only got better).
I devoured all 12 books, though I believe he has added more.....If you haven't read them, they are wonderful, even if you don't like fantasy literature(and when I started I didn't, but now I'm a convert).
1. Scott Sigler, love his work and he's cute.
2. Stephen King, the true master.
3. E.L James, I'm a woman sue me and what woman doesn't love good erotica
4. Michael Sidden, was introduced to him by a coworker. his Forbidden Passion is my favorite story ever! Short but oh so hot!
5. Stephanie Meyer, the Twilight series was huge when I was younger and I still enjoy the books.
My favorite authors are Matthew Reilly, in particular his 7 Deadly Wonders series. It is an inter-national team goin on Indian Jones type of adventures and I love the use of maps and diagrams in the books. Clive Cussler writes very similar types of stories. The Jack Reacher novels by Lee Child are also a lot of fun and have the - avenging angel/ fight for the little guy- feel to them.
My all time favourite author is grr martin (game of thrones) he is very matured and understand humans better than any one I know
Vladimir Nabokov hands down. I have always been somewhat intimidated by more advanced literature in my English class, but I started to read Pale Fire on my own, and I loved it. I read Lolita next, and I'm currently reading his collection of short stories. His writing is truly original, and I can't wait to read more of his books.
George R.R. Martin, The Song of Ice and Fire is the best series i've read yet (still reading them). THAT IS WHY! Oh and dont forget about the show :D
J.K. Rowling, is probably my favorite since Harry Potter. Alexandre Dumas is a close second and Once I finish The Three Musketeers the order might change.