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  • The Situation was on Dancing With the Stars,he can't dance.lol The re were some good laughs there.
    I did watch it! And it was pretty funny. Since that episode, we've been saying, "snooki smush smush." It was really the best. I hadn't watched South Park in so long too, it's been awhile since I've really enjoyed an episode.
    I liked Grindhouse. I saw it with friends in the theater, so that made it fun.
    I liked Planet Terror and the trailers more than Death Proof. And I would totally get it on blu if I didn't already own 'em. I dunno.
    And yesssssss, I am so f'ing done. As of Monday, 11:56pm (that's when I submitted my 58 page case study). Got my grade in the next day (75/75). So I'm happy. As of 37 minutes ago, I'm off work for two weeks too. I'm happy I get a mini-vacation.
    re: Grindhouse BD
    Damn, I would really want that if we didn't already own 'em on DVD. I remember being so disappointed that they were released separately and didn't include any of the trailers.

    How about you? Gonna get 'em?
    I have WWE,haven't read it yet.I recieved Tales of Pain and Wonder,can't wait to go through it.
    I watched the first two episodes,they did a nice job,Every character started clicking in, cause I read it a while ago.The drawn out details from the book are not in the mini series which is normal.

    I also do that,if I watch the movie or series,I end up not reading the book,so read the book first,it's worth it.
    I am looking forward to both their short story collections.Very deep dark stuff.
    I was upset I could not find Kiernans short stories,I finally found it at Abe books for 30 dollars,well worth it I think.
    Hey you:)

    I got into Kiernan and Brite from my sons College English Lit class when he was discussing American Gothic.
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