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  • I am impressed,you have read more than me,lol.Past two months been a bit busy and not reading much.

    Yesterday I bought Diana Gabaldon's 7th book in the Outlander series which just came out and at this moment I am reading Islam-A Short History.

    :lol:mad:character limit.
    Hey dude! lol,thanks for the birthday wishes.Glad to see you around more often,doing any good reading?
    yea, its hard to say what one id rather go to. MDF has a lot of like that 80s death i liked, im not into the newer bands with pig squeals haha. BUT Obscene has a lot of Crust and i really love that stuff.
    we have something similar here. called libertatia fest. its up i the mountains 3 days of camping 15 bands a day. death/thrash/grind/crust. but its usually bands no one knows then like 2 or 3 good ones , soo i stopped going. no reason to camp and drink till youre sick with a bunch of sketchy people for a bunch of half ass bands that call themselves grind and don't blast beat.
    Neh to much money to go. I wanted to though i LOVE general surgery and bolt thrower and phobia and napalm death and pestilence who were playing. I wanted to go when FID that all female death grind band played.

    but on the west coast alot of bands come through to see, i really want to go to obscene extreme fest that looks amazing but its in some small town in Czech. im to nervous to go that one alone, and none of my friends want to go hah.
    yea i love destroyer 666. a death metal band around here used to cover them alot. I dont know much straight black metal except darkthrone but i like alot of the thrashier stuff. sex trash, flatullator, nifelheim.

    more into the grind and crust and death though.

    you ever hear iskra? they mix crust punk with black metal. its brutal.
    hey man you ever hear bestial mockery? it has to be the best black metal ever i think. even though its like blackin thrash ..

    YouTube - Bestial Mockery - Hells Vociferation
    I was wondering where you were! I thought you got scared with all this reading,lol.

    We clean house sometimes;) wb
    :devil:It's always fun to be selfish at the bookstore,that is why I go alone!
    and btw,if you like small town drama,Chronicles of a Death Foretold is just that.There are reviews here on these books,you can read them then decide if they are for you.:D No pressure.lol
    I will be waiting for those Bank threads.:D I have about 35 on my TBR list and I have some recommendations for you,I will bring you a list soon.:lol:
    My favorite read was Sons and Lovers by D.H Lawrence,it hit home a bit and helped me through "leting kids live their life" issues,lol,amazing read.

    You might like Chronicles of a Death Foretold,an afternoon read at 150 pages.
    and The Sailor that fell from Grace with the Sea is also good,kinda on the dark side.

    Dr.Glas,amazing....should I go on?lol
    Sorry for taking so long to respond.. it's been a busy month. I'm still in the middle of Continental Drift by Russell Banks. It's one of his older books that I never got around to reading. Have you ever read him? He has a knack for depressing, small-town life.No, I have not read him,lol,maybe that is why you are not reading enough,the depressing part could hinder you picking up a book,lmao.just kidding.

    I need to get back into my daily reading regimen. I go for months reading book after book and then I tend to slack off for a while, like right now, haha.Yes,you should get back to reading,:D and if you have read anything good that you would recommend, make a thread in the foum and write a review or anything about the book and share it.:flowers:

    What does your book-in-waiting list look like? Mine is kind of intimidating, so I try not to look at it, haha. But I could use a reason to go to the book store... any suggestions?ooohhh,I need to get my notebook with all the "read" list,"to buy" list and the "to be read " list!I will get back to you with that.

    What kind of books do you like to read?or genre? I am aslo in the BOTM and have enjoyed books that I usually would not pick up myself. I am a Diana Gabaldon fan,went to a book signing last year,me was very excited:lol:
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