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Recent content by blueboatdriver

  1. blueboatdriver

    Books (Novels)

    I've read: Animal Farm When I was at school. I do know the story and it's been on the shelf waiting for a re-read for a couple of years now Catch 22 One of the greats; hilarious; dark; depressing and loads more. I couldn't get into the sequel though, should give it...
  2. blueboatdriver

    Children's book recomendation

    All of Roald Dahl's childrens books.
  3. blueboatdriver

    Thomas Pynchon

    No didn't know about 'Pynchon Wiki'..........Amazing.........thanks Boat.
  4. blueboatdriver

    Thomas Pynchon

    Great review. I'm only up to page 200ish and I've already noted down 53 characters all with classic Pynchonian names and that's including Pugnax the dog; I'm sure there's plenty more to come. You really do need to take notes if you're going to keep up with this one. Boat.
  5. blueboatdriver

    Happy Birthday blueboatdriver!!

    Thanks very much; I was just having a look at any new posts and noticed my name:) Forty one today.......crikey I'm touched:D Boat.
  6. blueboatdriver

    Beautifully Made Books

    I spotted a copy of 'Against the Day' today; looks like a nice copy but couldn't pick it up to have a look as I've got a sore back at the moment;) Not sure whether to read it or use it to build my garage with; it's about the same size as a building block:)
  7. blueboatdriver

    Suggestions for books set in WW2?

    Try "The Cruel Sea" by Nicholas Monserrat; historically accurate story about the skipper and crew of a Corvette, sent to escort and protect the convoys of merchant shipping from the North Atlantic down to the Med, against the German U-boats. It's a classic:)
  8. blueboatdriver

    Eat My Brains Poem - Yum!

    Classic; give me more:o
  9. blueboatdriver

    What books have you read more than once?

    I don't often re-read books but when I do it's usually because I've just finished the last one from my TBR shelf. I've read Cancer Ward by Solzhenitsyn severak times just because I think it's so damn good and I've just finished reading E.L. Doctorow's City of God for the third time just because...
  10. blueboatdriver

    Most Beautiful Title?

    "Gravity's Rainbow":cool:
  11. blueboatdriver


    Wolf, I really love your style. Are you a pro? Is there anywhere I can but your work; any links please........love it. Boat.