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Recent content by JGL

  1. JGL

    Sherlock Holmes Canon - Completed!

    Warning: SPOILERS BELOW. IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE FINAL PROBLEM OR SEEN SHERLOCK (THE BBC SERIES) AND SHERLOCK HOLMES: GAME OF SHADOWS, DON'T READ ON. One of the most interesting things to me, having read the cannon, is how the plot to The Final Problem forms the basis of the ending of quite a...
  2. JGL

    Chuck Klosterman

    I finished I Wear the Black Hat a couple of weeks back. I've read his entire bibliography, and while I enjoyed IWTBH I didn't think it was as good as Eating the Dinosaur. After some thought, I stumbled across the idea that I may feel this way because I've spent some time thinking and writing...
  3. JGL

    American Gods

    I enjoyed American Gods. I took it to the beach and didn't regret a minute of it. I'm still not quite sure what turned my brother off to it. It was profound without being pretentious and genre without being campy. Both of those things are hard to pull off and in tandem they're exceedingly rare.
  4. JGL

    Lee Child: Killing Floor

    I didn't when he was cast, but he did a decent job in the film. I was more than a little concerned when I read he'd been cast, but I think he did a solid, if not spectacular, job.
  5. JGL

    American Gods

    Meadow, thanks for the link. It's much appreciated. Spark, I think I'm going to grab it sometime today. I'm ready for something a little different. Thanks for the response.
  6. JGL

    American Gods

    My brother recently bought it on Kindle and, after reading two chapters, promptly returned it. That said, I've heard good things from others, so I figured I'd pop on here and see what the community thinks before sinking my eight bucks into a copy. Anyone taken a gander at it yet and wish to...
  7. JGL

    Michael Herr: Dispatches

    I thought it was a masterpiece, just like you. Several of the passages are still stuck in my head (I last read it two or three years ago) and I routinely recommend it to friends who are looking for place to start reading about Vietnam. It's a shame that afterword he chose a life of literary...
  8. JGL

    Looking for a good sci fi book (series?)

    What have you already read within the genre? I'm not a Sci-Fi guy by nature. My experience is mainly limited to Dune and the Military Sci-Fiction genres (and even there only the major tomes). If you haven't jumped too deeply into there, though, I can toss out a few names.
  9. JGL

    Dare Me-Megan Abbott

    I finished this a couple of days ago, and was wondering if anyone else had given it a read. It was interesting, to say the least. I enjoyed it, but I was wondering if anyone else had thoughts on it that they would care to share.
  10. JGL

    Julian Barnes: Talking it Over

    I haven't read that one. A couple of months ago I worked my way through The Sense of an Ending and really enjoyed it. It was my first of his. It's good to hear that the rest of his body of work is solid. I my have to pick it up.
  11. JGL

    July 2013: Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

    I'm going to re-read it again too. Very ready for the discussion on this one. The 1984 vs. Brave New World debate is one of my favorites. Of course, there's no gurantee that the conversation will go that way, but I've got my fingers crossed...
  12. JGL

    Walter Mosley resurrects Easy Rawlins

    I bought Devil but haven't started it yet. I wound up going on a non-fiction kick instead (with a couple of notable detours). With any luck I'll start it this week.
  13. JGL

    New James Lee Burke

    Sorry about the late reply. I was out of service range, and just got back. Yeah, they contracted a guy named Ace Atkins to continue the character. He's got potential, but he isn't Parker. Parker was a master of dialogue and Atkins is clearly still a novice. That said, I'd recommend any of the...
  14. JGL

    Winston S. Churchill: The Second World War

    I would say that like most politicans, or anyone in a position of leadership, his actions can be catogorized in a variety of ways. For instance, Jews aside, he was had some responsibility for the British brutality towards Ireland during the Irish War of Indepedence. At various other points he...
  15. JGL

    New James Lee Burke

    Being from (and currently residing in) Louisana, I love all of the Robicheaux mysteries. While sometimes the plots get a little repetitive, I only have to drive down the road for an hour or two and I can see a shack that looks exactly how Burke described it. Every one of his novels is like...