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  • Yeah, I coulda' told you that before you printed. Or do you not like to read extended text on your computer monitor? Can't blame you if that's the case. I just hate my printer even more.
    I printed out "Closer" and "Oceanic" I will read online,it's 37 pages.I will get to them over the weekend and get back to you on them along with "Exhalation."
    Thanks,I will check them out.I won't quote you,lol,but if I like them,I will put them in the short story threads.:D
    Well,that is information that will be useful.:blink:
    btw,I saw a list of short stories you have been reading....anything interesting you would like to share?
    Hi joderu,

    I will post my thoughts in a few days, when I have some free time. I have been working almost every day lately, but I have three days off coming up very soon.

    Yes,you should both have a party and invite a few people....:whistling:
    I'll have you know that the WH 40k fluff is interesting enough that I wouldn't mind reading a book or two for mindless enjoyment, mister smarty pants.
    teehee,there was a smile on Lord Gloom.I have more time to come and bug people.lol soooo,here is one of my favorite characters.Maxine!

    I am. And I will. I'll have to get back to you when and if I can find something amusing.
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