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  • LOL,You might be waiting for a while,wasn't voted on the first time around.
    I've got The Fixer, just have not read it yet. I read The Assistant when I was in high school and really liked it so I thought I'd try another one. I'm still holding it out for it to be nominated as BOTM so's I can talk about it then.
    I liked The Known World but I have read better books that have stayed with me.
    Have you read Malamud's The Fixer? I read it after you suggested it for BOTM.Now that was a good book.

    Haven't visited you for a while joderu,:D
    The wisecrack was appreciated,I just didn't want to turn the thread into a joke by replying and asking who will be the smart one to Nuke it?:whistling:
    Political threads tend to get ugly sometimes when people might mis understand a comment.:innocent:
    "I'm not really interested in Nabokov enough to read the book as a whole. He apparently liked to pose and solve various chess problems though and a central part of the plot in The Yiddish Policemen's Union is based on one of his problems."

    Was it Nabokov's problem or Siegbert Tarrasch? Just making sure.
    It has gone down to -4 with a few snow days already.That is warm for us,I am getting depresses about it.
    Nothing much. Still digesting turkey and stuffing, drinking when there's room. How cold is it getting in the north country?
    Dear joderu,

    Thank you for returning to the BAR blogosphere, and with such a thought-provoking post!

    One wonders if you couldn't, just for the charming and chatty Irene Wilde, allow comments to be posted? New software requires a couple of extra clicks to make comments happen, but isn't it worth it?

    Such imagery conjured by a fedora -- it's fascinating!

    Warmest regards,

    Your blog
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