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  • haha yea i think i was drunk when i posted the first so i forgot about it.Heh its real, im obsessed with the Bully breeds. Dosa is some sort of mix from a japanese fighting tosa and a neo mastiff. Im guessing its for personal protection but looks more like a land whale.
    Ok, just making sure. Is that real or should I be wary of that endless supply of images you seem to have? By the way, way to be prompt on this one. 16 days?! I damn near forgot what this was in response to. I have an in-law with an English Mastiff too. My dog doesn't enjoy her company very much though, too hard to wrestle.
    don't worry you haven't scared me off :p

    >>Crap. I hope she returns, otherwise I'll have to go *flog myself. (*Hit myself with a horse whip on my back)<<

    And I don't believe I've ever heard a horse person use the term "flog" when it comes to smacking a horse on the rump lol.
    Direct her to my profile or some ridiculous comment I made somewhere else. She needs to appreciate this "theater of the absurd" that I support.
    she will,eventually, then I will tell her exacly what you are about!(pretend an evil smiley is here):)
    Crap. I hope she returns, otherwise I'll have to go *flog myself. (*Hit myself with a horse whip on my back)
    You scared her off,LOL
    Shite happens when people misunderstand what you say.:)
    So long bananas foster. And I still have a nearly full bottle of banana liquer to use up.

    I have seen those red bananas in the grocery store and have never tried them. Next time I see them I will give them a taste.
    I can't find the dang thing. It could also be that I didn't read it very carefully either. I'm gonna go ahead and remain terrified of those yummy fruits vanishing forever though.
    No, it was several months ago. Maybe National Geographic. I'll look a bit.

    It sounds like all bananas could potentially all be destroyed by that virus and if Cavendish are all we eat 99% of the time and they are wiped out, then it will seem like all bananas have gone bye-bye just the same.
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