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Recent content by Ryouko

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    Can kids read too much?

    I read a lot as a kid, to the point where if I were to get grounded (for not doing chores, lying, etc), my dad had no choice but to ground me from reading. If I was grounded from just the TV and computer, it didn't bother me any because I would just read instead. And later on, when the time...
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    Recently Finished

    The Book Theif - Markus Zusak
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    Never Ending Song Titles:Words in Common

    The Most Beautiful Girl In The Room - Flight of the Conchords
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    Never Ending Song Titles:Words in Common

    Big, Blonde, and Beautiful - Hairspray
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    Are you ready for school?

    I start my junior year of college in a couple of weeks, and I'm more than ready. Ready to take some awesome classes and ready to be on my own again in my own apartment (instead of with my mom and grandmother, whom I love dearly even though they drive me crazy). I've just recently decided for...
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    Never Ending Song Titles:Words in Common

    Girlfriend In A Coma - The Smiths
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    Never Ending Song Titles:Words in Common

    Silver Street - Ben Folds
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    Trivia...Up For It?

    Luna Lovegood, I think. Where does Hermione get her hair for the Polyjuice Potion in Chamber of Secrets and what kind is it?
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    The Seven Types of Bookstore Customers

    Browser with a pinch of independent, grazer, and seeker thrown in.
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    Laura Esquivel: Like Water For Chocolate

    This is on my To Read list. It sounds pretty interesting, so I think I might move it closer to the top.
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    What kind of reader are you?

    I'm on my way from moderate to voracious. Last year, I read probably 4-5 books a month. So far this year, I'm reading at least seven a month. My goal for this year is to read 85 books or so, but I'm thinking of bumping it up to 100. If I'm getting 7 books a month while in college (none of...
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    Book Shelf Or Shelve Books?!

    I most definitely have an addiction to books. I've only recently been able to learn how to decide which books I actually want to keep. I just love being able to scan through the titles on my shelves, remembering all the stories I love and looking forward to the ones I haven't gotten to yet...
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    Do you remember...?

    When I was in kindergarten, my mom read The Hobbit aloud to me and my stepbrothers. I still remember us all sitting around her, actually paying attention. She did pretty good voices. I also remember my dad making me read aloud to him when I was first learning to read. I absolutely hated doing...
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    What could JK Rowling write next (pertinent to HP)?

    I think she has great skill as a storyteller, and so I would read anything she wrote. But I agree that I would be hard to get Harry Potter out of my head. But that's to be expected, I think.
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    Recommendations for fantasy series

    For children's/YA fantasy, I second the Inkheart trilogy and Cornelia Funke's other work, like the Thief Lord. Tamora Pierce is a very popular YA fantasy author, especially among girls. Libba Bray's trilogy that starts with A Great and Terrible Beauty is also good, and was pretty original. Of...