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  • Cool, thanks for the info. I shall bump The City and The City toward the front of my reading list :)
    Great book. Definitely up there as one of the best for 2010! Very different to Perdido street station and I think testament to how good a writer he is because he's not getting boxed in by a genre. I really enjoy detective fiction and this was a procedural one that was also urban fantasy. Great mix. He tied up all the loose ends - reminiscent of all the great detectives at a mystery's climax. It really became excellent at about the 3/4 way mark. Move this book up on your TBR list!! :)
    How was The City & The City? This is on my must be read pile... too many books, too little time alas!
    lol,Watermelon was laugh out loud funny most of the time.It was the self doubt in detail she kept saying that annoyed me.Adam was awesome eh? It's all a lie I tell you,there is no such man.lmao Next one continues with the same story?*shock* you would do this to me wouldn't you?
    I read PSS last Christmas period, and absolutely loved it. I found Mieville's writing so rich and felt immersed in the world he created. That's why I was curious about King Rat. I am debating whether to check it out, or possibly his latest novel Kraken... too many choices...
    I see you finished King Rat recently, with a 3/5 rating. I was planning on reading it, but thinking otherwise now. How did it stack up against Perdido St. Station (the only other Mielville I've read)?
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