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2010 Oscars

The Academy's decisions have been questioned for decades, and the discussion as to their choices will surge every year. Though I've not seen the movies in question, I can not say whether Ms. Bullock was worthy of the award or not, but as the 6000 members of the Academy thought so, she probably is.

Thank god The Hurt Locker won best picture. It would have been ridiculous if Avatar won that.

I thought Avatar would have been as justified in winning as any other film nominated. Not because the story was anything special, but because it may go down as the movie that brought 3-D back in favor. However, there wasn't a stand-out, stellar movie in the bunch. I did like Hurt Locker a lot though. It was understated compared to a typical war movie and the characters felt genuine.
I've had Near Dark on the DVR for weeks but haven't watched it yet. Strange Days was a cool movie. I wonder if she'll get more work from the publicity?
Yay for Waltz, Bridges, Mo'Nique and The Hurt Locker. HL wasn't a masterpiece, but it was a very good film and no complaints from me.

How the hell did Sandra Bullock win Best Actress, though? Granted, I haven't seen Blind Side, but Sandra Bullock over Streep and Mirren, and over performances like Mulligan's and Sidibe's? Seriously?

Sandra Bullock was actually good in that movie, and i guess they think Streep has enough oscars.