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Chuck Palahniuk

Sturdier is a good way to speak about Library binding books. The paper and boards are just... well... sturdier. It seems strange they would be sending out marketing about Library bound books (unless they have an overstock - ). Those books are generally targeted towarde libraries and schools who need (there is that word again - ) sturdier books. ;)


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Bought Snuff, planning to read it next month, but I was flipping through it and noticed that the text is set in brown, not black.

I finished Snuff last week. It was middle of the road Palahniuk but the ending did catch me off guard. Again. :star3:


New Member
Do you think Snuff is worth buying? Personally I have felt that since Choke and Fight Club his novels have gone considerably downhill - how is Snuff in comparison?
It's sad, the fate his later books have fallen to compared to his first few.

Choke was his apex of his career thus far, one I don't think he'll ever top. He just seems to be "stuck" more or less in the mode that gave him praise initially. Now it just feels contrived.


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I think Lullaby is the best of his recent books. Not necessarily Palahniuk's best work, but much better than Diary (so boring, with a poor ending) and Rant (couldn't even finish that one).


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I just read his Survivor & Invisible Monsters. I liked the two novels alright,& they were enjoyable, entertaining reads, but I dont think theres anything particularly special going on here. The writing is fairly straightforward & minimalist which, granted, is the point. When I see his utilisation of phrase repetition, I think of those who have done it much better, such as Vonnegut & Donleavy, so its nothing new. The rapid-fire insights & drive-by bumper-sticker philosophy is fairly clever & hilariously funny. It keeps things moving right along at a nice speed. The novels are basically one big punchline w/bursts of narrative. I really appreciated the black humour of the social commentary & found that he has a knack for accurately depicting & analysing the modern world & popular culture. The guy has a lot of good ideas, but something stops them from coming together entirely. I think it may be that they are not developed enough.

Palahniuk's prose is sort of like "Writing For the Attention Deficient" or something. Again, I think his minimalist approach is intentional & part of the point, but it did get on my nerves a little bit.

Overall Im entertained but not very impressed.