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Dr. Who


Active Member
The cult classic is back. The first of a new batch of episodes of Dr. Who aired on the BBC earlier this night. I had to work, so I taped it (I hope), but I was wondering if anyone happened to catch it?

If so, any good?

I remember being a huge fan of the original show, but the odd thing is, I can't remember a single episode. Not one. Too young, I guess.

My partner watched Dr Who. He reckoned Rose (Billy Piper) was mighty fine! He also said that the Dalek looked like a wheelie bin :D
I watched it. It wasn't spectacular as it did what I expected it to - introduce us to characters both old and new. The story was weak, the script preferring emphasis on characterisation in lieu of plot but I expect that the further twelve episodes will improve as we will now be aware of the characters.

There were some silly moments where you have to ask yourself why it was allowed in the show - although a true Doctor Who fan will grin and bear it; we're used to cringeworthy monsters and aliens.

The concept of the show was good. It gives us a chance to enter the world of the Doctor from the point of view of his assistant. It lets the new generation of fans slowly into his world too.

It was good to see a classic enemy from the Jon Pertwee era (Spearhead from Space story) used although a two part pilot, like Star Trek, Stargate, and other science fiction series have done, would have been more appropriate to ease us into the new mythos and to make a better plotted story to begin with.

Ecclestone will take some getting used to - his delivery is fast and overly comical. I expect this to become more subdued as the episodes are aired and the plot takes centre stage.

All in all, three out of five. An An Unearthly Child for the new millenium.
Stewart said:
Ecclestone will take some getting used to - his delivery is fast and overly comical.

I totally agree with this. Nearly every single line of his was a witticism delivered so fast that it was sometimes difficult to catch what he said. I'm not keen on him so far: although I do quite like him as an actor, I don't think he is suited to Doctor Who. Still, I might change my mind as the series goes on. And is it written into his contract that whatever he is in, his mate has to be in it aswell (that big guy - Mark Renton/Benton or something)?

Those Autons (dunno whether that's correct - I'm not a great Who fan) were quite creepy, which was good. The bit where Rose
went into the Tardis, looked at the space inside, went out again and walked around it was funny.
The bit where Rose
saved the day by announcing that she was a bronze gymnast and swinging on the chain was rather pathetic.

Some of the special effects were good, but the faked photographs were appallingly done! I'll continue watching to see if it improves. I can't wait for the Daleks that can fly upstairs!
It was the penultimate season with Sylvester McCoy - same season as Silver Nemesis with the cybermen. Same plot, actually. :rolleyes: That would have been 1988 -25 years of Doctor Who.

There was a scene in Remembrence of the Daleks in which they run upstairs and the episode ends with the dalek beginning to rise up the stairs. One of the imperial daleks; not one of the Renegade faction. ;)
There are different factions of Daleks?! I'm out of my depth here! BTW, was Sylvester McCoy the worst Doctor ever? He was certainly my least favourite.
Yes, there were different factions at one point. Those that chose to follow Davros (and were given white and gold shells) and those renegades that followed the Supreme Dalek.

McCoy wasn't the worst per se - the show was cancelled just as he was finding the perfect persona for his character in series such as Ghost Light, The Greatest Show in the Galaxy, The Curse of Fenric, and Survival.
Actually, I forgot about Colin Baker - I think he was my least favourite. My favourite was Tom Baker, but I think most people prefer the first Doctor they saw. Others might say he was a bit OTT, but I think he had the right amount of eccentricity. He was damn funny, too.
PS Am I the only person ever who liked K9? ;)
I used to watch these when I was a kid! Great stuff here. My favorite Doc was the guy with dark curly hair and a long scarf. He had a sonic screwdriver that looked like a cigar lighter--of course it was just in disguise. Not sure about his name--Tom Baker sounds right.

Ah, but now to the controversy...


Those sneaky BBC guys.

Hey all I could see of the new stuff was a picture of this Eccle-whatever fellow and blonde. Looks good from here.
Finally got around to watching it last night. Enjoyable but nothing spectacular. I thought Billie Piper played her role well but the jury is out on Eccleston for me at the minute.

If you go by todays papers, Eccleston has quit as the Doctor already.

Looking forward to seeing the daleks in a few episodes time though :)
Dogtanian said:
If you go by todays papers, Eccleston has quit as the Doctor already.

Says he didn't want to be typecast. What the $&#@ did he expect?

He was, to be fair, rubbish anyway. No idea who this other guy the BBC are lining up is but he'll probably be awful too. It's less about the show (any show) these days and about providing a "vehicle" for those they think the public wants to see.
I got around to seeing it the day before yesterday, and I kinda liked it. Ecclestone was alright, the story nothing spectacular, the effects mediocre, and Billie Piper was the best thing in it (besides the wicked yellow VW Beetle).

I'll go watch it again next saturday, but I don't see myself becoming a huge fan.

The only two good things were the fact that it had been revitalised for a new generation and that it was full of in-jokes and references for the old generation and saddos alike.
Well crap. That didn't last long did it? He's going to run out of regernerations by the end of the season at this rate.
Got around to watching it yesterday :)

I will start by saying I am a fan of Dr Who. I was going into it expecting it to be a bit crap but I must say that I liked it. It's not perfect. There was far too much stupid comedy in it. I didn't like it when the arm grabbed his face or the wheelie bin burped after eating Rose's boyfriend. Also, the story was kind of weak. Although, as mentioned up thread, it's probably because they were spending time introducing the characters. Over all though, I really enjoyed watching it.

Not sure about the New Doctor. At first, I hated him. By the end of the show I was liking him a lot more. I think he might grow on us. Although the idiot has quit already so not much point in that :p
Well I missed the first episode because I was in Wales (I'm not attempting to suggest that there was no Doctor Who in Wales, merely that I was nowhere near a TV at the time).

I'll miss the second episode because I have to work tonight, but hopefully I can convince Ice to tape it for me - I was looking forward to this, I have vague childhood memories of Sylvester McCoy prancing about with an umbrella along with Sophie Aldred (mmmmm, Sophie Aldred, but I digress). One of those classic 'hide behind the sofa' series that you used to watch with your parents.

Watch it again nowadays and try not to laugh too hard at the shody effects - a bit like Blake's 7.

Tonight's episode was much better than the first. I really enjoyed it. Some scary/nasty moments for the kiddies and the odd bit of adult humour to go over the kids' heads! Unfortunately I was hampered by atmospheric conditions which meant the picture was barely visible for the second half. :mad: I thought Billie Piper was pretty good in this episode. I liked the way she was overwhelmed by seeing all the alien species, like you would be, and upset about the Earth. Ecclestone seems to veer between exuberant idiocy (where he has that brainless wide grin) and menacing gangster, but he was slightly better than last week. Anyhow, I enjoyed this episode a lot. :)