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Dr. Who


New Member
I saw it :)

I actually didn't like it very much though. I have liked them all up until now but this one didn't really jell for me. I have always hated the "I am a machine but I suddenly have feelings" stuff in TV And movies. And the story was just flimsy. The dalek extracted her DNA? Errr, well ok. Even the dalek extracted her DNA it wouldn't confer any of her personality as well. DNA is just a code that tells cells to grow and in what way.

Maybe I went into it with too many expectations. I wanted to see the cold killing machines! The scary unquestioning killing machines! They are the ultimate alien. The ultimate embodiment of cold nazi hate. If you take that away then it isn't a dalek any longer. It isn't scary or interesting any more. They could have done a much better story with just as much feeling and got the same message across without resorting to silly "but I am a machine yet I feel" stuff.

AND I REALLY HOPE that isn't a new companion :rolleyes:

Disappointed :)


Active Member
Martin said:
The cult classic is back. The first of a new batch of episodes of Dr. Who aired on the BBC earlier this night. I had to work, so I taped it (I hope), but I was wondering if anyone happened to catch it?

If so, any good?

I remember being a huge fan of the original show, but the odd thing is, I can't remember a single episode. Not one. Too young, I guess.

I watched todays episode of Dr Who with the Darlicks :D


New Member
Darlicks?? Is that like Horlicks?! :D

I actually got around to watching an episode a couple of weeks back, but I've missed all the others thanks to somebody forgetting to tape them for me [cough]*Ice*[cough]. I thought it was alright, although Christopher Eccleston seems content to hop around like a five year old and gurn a lot.



New Member
Halo said:
Why don't you try learning how to program the video, Phil? :p

Lost my video remote in the move and you cant use timer record without it :rolleyes: We've just bought one of those super-duper all-in-one program your TV/Video/DVD/Fridge/Love Robot thingmies, so hopefully that might be able to do it :D



New Member
Oh yes my friend!! She cooks, she cleans, she provides .... other services. All of which makes Ice perfectly happy because it frees up all her time to spend on the internet :rolleyes:

Phil :D


Well-Known Member
I just watched the first 4 episodes of my very first Dr Who, ever. It was recommended to me that as a Dr Who virgin that I should start with Chistopher Eccleston's 2005 Doctor.

I need some time to process the show. It wasn't what I expected.


Active Member
So is that a good thing or a bad thing?

I started watching last year when I got Netflix and I'm really enjoying it. Matt Smith is my favorite Doctor so far, he's kind of crazy in a good way. Also has one of the most beautiful women as a companion.

The baddies in the show are also interesting. Weeping Angels are brilliant.