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E-book reader,your budget?

Whichever company that delivers a complete color screen eReader, not an iPad I don't want another laptop, will get my money but until then I am going to stick to the killing trees.
Sony ties you down to their proprietary memory format which is something I have always hated about Sony, so for that reason I would not get a Sony.

Just out of curiosity: why not a Kindle? The DRM? It can't be price. For $20 more you can get a Kindle with 3G and WiFi or for $20 less than the Sony you can get the regular Kindle. Free shipping on both.

Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi, 6" Display, Graphite - Latest Generation $139

I really think that having 3G on Kindle is a bit ... overboard. I like the Wi-fi though. :)
If I were you, I would go for Sony because of the brand recognition. I actually managed to get a first hand feel with the Sony reader but not the other one you have mentioned.
As someone who has a Sony eReader and hates it (pain to use/setup/load books onto) and who has seen the subsequent Kindle I wish I had waited and gone for the Kindle. I know several people with 3G or WiFi Kindle devices and they love them. The Sony lacks the quality all-in-one walled-garden model of the Kindle which makes Amazon's device much easier to use.