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New Member
Spoiler alert for Eldest!!!

i agree that he has totally and utterly stolen things from the Anne McCaffrey chronicles. but then there aren't all that many books on dragons and you cant exactly study the living thing can you? i suppose he needed some inspiration for the book and read books with dragons in. most of the books with dragons in are pretty much the same as the Pern Dragons. they all agree that they are very intelligent and talk inside your head in an ancient language.

I've read eldest the second book. Eragon was very niave when he thought Murtagh was dead. They found he clothes, not his body. and i have to say i had a feeling eragon and murtagh were brothers from when murtagh told eragon that his mom went away for a while.

i think his books increase kids theories on writing books. They think that they are rubbish because they are only kids and who is going to take them seriously (well thats what i thought) and then i found out he started writing when he was 15 and so did Jaquilene Wilson. It knda boosted my confidence and now i cant stop writing, when im sad i write, when im happy i write, when im bored i write. its addictive


New Member
I thoroughly enjoyed Eragon. I don't believe that it was a knock-off of Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings and I don't believe that his success was based on his age being publicized. I will continue to read them with enjoyment and that's all I can say; Eragon is a great book and the rest in the series will be equally as good.


New Member
My son is 11 years old and goes to a special school. He is upstairs at the moment reading it. I can hear him giggling and gasping, he simply can't put it down! He is so proud that he's reading such a big book.That's good enough for me. The pleasure that its giving me is wonderful. :)


New Member
i liked both eragon and eldest but thats partially because i havent read/seen lotr and star wars....

did anyone else notice that both books started with an e? the next book is named "The Empire".....


Active Member
The Inheritance Trilogy is definitely not a LOTR or Harry Potter Knock-off. While the books have many elements from LOTR, the story more resembles Star Wars.

Without trying to reveal too much…

- A young man, raised on a farm by family other then his biological parents comes into possession of something that causes the empire to destroy his home while he is away.
- The young man leaves home in the company of an old man who takes him to a secret location to join the rebel forces aligned against the empire. The young man begins his training in the use of a force that few can control, but the old man only has time to teach the young man the basics before he himself is killed.
- The young man continues his training a master of the old order who we learn, is in hiding. It seems that a former member of the order grew very powerful and killed off all other members of the order and took control of the empire.
- It is the destiny of the young man to confront the former member of the order.
- The primary weapon of members of the order is a sword, supplemented by this force.
- Those able to use the force can influence of those that cannot guard their mind.
- The young man leaves before his training is complete because he fears for the safety of his friends, but promises to return his training after the battle is won.
- The young man learns about the awful truth concerning the identity of his father.


New Member
There's a few threads already existing on this here, here and here if you are interested :)

I was recently given these books as a gift, and can't wait to read them. I'm not expecting much as they were written when he was quite young, but I want to form my own opinion on him. I have heard that they rip off other SF/Fantasy works a bit.
well, it does copy some but i still think the bok is really awesome-i mean, he wrote it when he was only 15. And he was probably inspired by the fantasy books he read. I've also read eldest, and the books are bothr eally good it hink.
i read the sequel. it was pretty good, i'm looking forward to book 3. in book 2 nothing very big happened so i'm looking for more action int he next one.


New Member

I came across Christopher Paolini when I worked in marketing children's books. From as much as I read of Eragon, I formed this opinion of him...

To write such a book as a teenager (he wrote it aged between 16 and 19) is remarkable, and he definitely deserves praise for that. That is a great achievement. But one should not confuse achievement with performance. There is little outstanding about the stories themselves, and few ideas that other writers have not treated much better. It sounds mean-spirited to say that Eragon is a triumph of marketing and hype over quality, but at the end of the day I think Paolini is an apprentice writer who may have found success too soon for his own good.

I read one review that said he was already better than Tolkien, however; so obviously there are lots of opinions out there...


New Member
MonkeyCatcher said:
There's a few threads already existing on this here, here and here if you are interested :)

I was recently given these books as a gift, and can't wait to read them. I'm not expecting much as they were written when he was quite young, but I want to form my own opinion on him. I have heard that they rip off other SF/Fantasy works a bit.
I've heard people say he was ripping people off. He definitely took ideas from other people's works, but almost every fantasy author there is can be accused of the same thing. (Tolkien was the first to come up with tall, beautiful elves, and now they come standard in every novel!) Paolini isn't a plagiarist or anything, and I found his work to be quite enjoyable.
BTW, while this is off subject, I love your siggie! Second mouse gets the cheese...tee-hee.


New Member
Plagiarism, no...

CP definitely isn't a plagiarist, no... at least, no more than any one else. There is nothing new under the sun, after all. A more serious accusation would be a lack of originality. Originality meaning, in this case, having something of his own to say, using the standard tools of fantasy. Sure, his books are fun, and enjoyable, but only in the sense that a great game on the XBox is fun and enjoyable. There isn't a lot of depth, not that that's a crime in itself.

My biggest problem with CP is the same one I have with G P Taylor (author of Shadowmancer, Wormwood and Tersias). The writing simply isn't very adept in terms of style, flow, voice or polish. Again, this is to be expected from so young a writer, so one shouldn't be too harsh. G P Taylor, on the other hand, is old enough to know better!
(Not that young writers are always found wanting... look at Mary Shelley!).


New Member
amazing books!

man these books are amzing :D im reading eragon now at the moment i personally think its really good i love the story line and also i love dragons so its the perfect book for me!:cool:
p.s does any one know someone with the surname rickards?:confused:


New Member
I finished Eragon yesterday and really liked it. His age was obvious in the writing style - it was often choppy and stated things rather than letting you figure them out for yourself - although I found that the style got a lot better as the book progressed (or possibly I just got used to it). I agree with a lot of the things mentioned on this thread about it being a copy-and-paste book - I noticed the LOTR aspects of the book straight away, but never having seen Star Wars, I didn't notice the parts taken from that - but I still found the book to be interesting and compelling.

I have the next book waiting on my shelf to be read, and know that I will have great pleasure in beginning it. I hadn't heard that there was a third book coming out - does anyone know the current release date?


New Member
yes but you also can see his growth in the 2nd book and i can't wait to see if theres even more growth by the 3rd book i hope all this sucess dont go to his head