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Favorite Manga of all time


New Member
Nana, by Ai Yazawa. By a MILE. I've been reading and re-reading this series for the past 9 years, and it's complex enough that not 2 readings are the same. It's seriously mind-blowing.
Anything else by Ai Yazawa is also pretty good. Gokinjo Monogatari is a cute coming of age story.


New Member
Just finished reading Tokyo Ghoul. It. Is. So. Good!

Hi! Im new here, I watched the anime of Tokyo Ghoul and my friend told me to read also the manga, but he said there's a major difference in the story, so were you able to watch the anime also or just manga?

Im planning to read the manga..


New Member
What is your favorite genre of manga? I like yaoi and historical. I recently came across an interesting yaoi webtoon named "Dear Benjamin". It is relatively new. The main characters are a wealthy arms dealer named Felix, who is the seme, and an ex marine and florist named Isaac. He is also an omega verse, which I never heard of prior to reading the manga. Anyhow, after a hot tryst, Isaac gets pregnant. The two men meet up 4 years later, Felix meets Benjamin, but does not know that's his son. He also does not remember having a prior fling with the florist, but is attracted to him. The manga is ongoing. Very interesting. I love the artwork in web toons, regardless of genre.