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Favorite Manga of all time


New Member
This is for those who read manga to make a list of your favorite or those you own. Here is my top five favorites.

1. Mars
2. Fake
3. Uzamaki
4. Uten
5. Sailor Moon Stars
So far (in no order) my favorite manga would have to be...
Planet Ladder
Marmalade boy
Ah My Goddess!
of course, as soon as I can get my hands on a kenshin manga that list will change..
I have only read a couple so far but plan on reading lots more :)
The two I have read to date and thoroughly enjoyed are 'Fake' and 'Priest.'

Originally posted by aspiring_author
bit off topic, but what's your favourite manga film?
akira? ghost in the shell? perfect blue?

My favourites animes are Yami No Matsuei, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Macross Plus, Fake, X, Akira, Amon Saga and Angel Sanctuary.

manga film... well off the top of my head I would say, Cowboy Bebeop, Rurouni Kenshin, Angel Sanctuary, Marmalade Boy, and Ah My Goddess.
Favourite Manga film?

I'm definitely not an expert, I've seen only a handfull, but mine is and will always remain to be 'Akira'.

The Wachowski brothers were inspired to write 'The Matrix' after seeing this Manga film. No 'Akira', no 'The Matrix', it's that important.

Cheers, Martin :D
i like the love hina manga, its about the only one ive read

anime movies i like are: cowboy bebop, perfect blue, roujin z, dragon half, ghost in the shell, princess mononoke, spriggan, akira, macross plus, metropolis, and tokyo revelations
never got into manga, not much availability without really searching and very expensive. But for anime films, I love Kenshin, Trigun, Ranma, and there's a great series I saw, can't remember the name, but features a female samurai who drinks a lot and her very talkative sidekick.
perfect blue
I loved watching that, but I had to rewatch it a few times to really let it sink in.
And, I finally got the first two kenshin manga, it's now at the top of my favorite list followed by Planet Ladder, Wish etc., but Kenshin is first.
Originally posted by Ashlea
there's a great series I saw, can't remember the name, but features a female samurai who drinks a lot and her very talkative sidekick.

Kazemakase Tsukikage Ran -- that was brilliant! Did Todd loan it to you too? :)
I just started video girl ai: preproduction today at work. it's a great read and it's hot as hell.

I'm tumbling head over heels for ai ...
There's not a doubt as to what my favourite manga is; Hayao Miyazaki's Kaze no Tane no Nausicaa. He is an artist par excellence and his stories are always, without fail excellent, but Nausicaa takes it just that bit further. A science-fiction epic, ecological poetry, a pacifist magnum opus, a philosophical study of human mentality and the will to survive, take it as you wish, it's simply sublime.

Films and series-wise, there would obviously be all the Miyazaki greats-Nausicaa, Mononoke and Castle of Cagliostro are, for my part, the best, and Macross Plus, Vision of Escaflowne, Trigun and Tenchi Muyo are also excellent. I've just 'acquired' Haibane Renmei and have heard nothing but good reports about it, so I'll have to see how it goes.