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Favorite Manga of all time

Akira is probably my favourite :) As mentioned on the other thread I also like Urotsukidoji and Fist of the North Star.
Raraavis said:
I apologize for my ignorance, but what is manga?

I believe the term is derived from the Japanese 'to sketch,' it's Japanese comics. Not in fact animation, that's known as anime or Japanimation.
Manga is the term for Japanese comics and Anime is the term for an animated film. Anime is usually the animated version of Manga :)

Most people I know in England tend to call it all manga, both the comics and the films.
bobbyburns said:
and then there's hentai ...

A forum I used to frequent had this delightfully well-rounded chap who used to buy full length pillows of his favourite characters. Purely for decorative reasons of course. He'd post pictures of himself hugging them. It was all very disturbing. I don't think there was a single post of his that didn't cause me to say, or at the very least think, 'Ewwww.'
I have a vast manga collection, but my favorite one of all time would have to be MARS, by Fuyumi Soryo. Everytime I open up any volume and flip to any page and start reading...it never fails to make me emotional. I practically cry each time. It's jsut such a wonderful piece of art and literature. Don't trust the backs on the books-they make it seem like a typical shoujo, but it's not. Its a simple story about what love can do to a person and about real life situations and emotions that people have to deal with, and sometimes when I'm having issues in life, I think back to things I've read in it. Sighhhh....I love it....I'm gonna go reread some of it right now!
1.) Love Hina
2.) Chobits
3.) Kill Me, Kiss Me

And that's about all I've read. I've been meaning to check out some Cowboy Bebop.
I have way too many manga. A great deal of it was gifts from friends who hope to drown me in a sea of comic books.

As for a list of favorites:
Little Butterfly
Yu Yu Hakusho
Love Mode

I haven't been collecting the Duelist series of YGO manga. Using dubbed names and the typos I've read while checking them out from the library make me laugh at times. So I've just purchased the first series and am getting the Memory World arc now.
Chobits (it's just so sweet and lovely I cannot resist it!)
G.T.O. (hilarious).

But then I haven't read enough manga to give a totally informed answer. They're just too expensive and my library hasn't got any in stock!
My all time favorite is Fruits Basket for both the manga and anime. Other anime I like is Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Castle In The Sky, Nausicaa, and Howl's Moving Castle. Akira was really good too.
I've just recently gotten into manga (my guilty pleasure right now). My favorites are
1. Marmalade Boy---->my first ever! :D
I've only read the first couple volumes of the manga but watched the whole anime. It's a sweet story and very fun.
2. Fruits Basket
Cursed zodiac members turning into their animal when hugged by a member of the opposite sex...what more do you need? Lots of great characters.
3. Negima!
I techincally just started the manga two days ago...I had B&N gift card and bought the first volume. It was very fun and I can't wait to get the second. The anime is good also.

I wish manga wasn't so expensive...I feel remarkably guilty about spending $12 for something I'll finish in less than a day...
By the way, nice avatar Saragurl...I thought I recognized Kureno ;)
Mine would be:

1.) Full Moon
2.) Chobits
3.) Angel Sanctuary
4.) Sailor Moon (although I was a bit disappointed with Stars)
5.) Parasyte
Let's see if this dusty old thread still has some life in it...

I'm just diving into the world of Manga, and I'm shocked at how entertaining it is. Here's what I've read:

1. Ranma 1/2
2. Love Hina
3. Sgt. Frog
4. Urusei Yatsura