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Hardback or Paperback


New Member
I like to buy hardbacks and at home my cheap source is the Book Warehouse. I prefer hardbacks as they look better on the shelf and survive the friend borrowing circle longer.


New Member
I prefer reading paperbacks, but once read a few times they do tend to look like they have been trampled on by a heard of elephants.

I only ever buy hardbacks if i really want to read the book. I know that if i dont buy there and then i will probably forget all about it and never get around to reading it!

I really do grudge paying the £17 or £18 for a fiction book though! Paperbacks are becomming a rip of aswell these days, many are being priced at £10.

Richard Rahl

New Member
i prefer paperbacks because it makes the book seem longer, not to mention is compact, easy to carry, and cheap. also, all of my terry goodkind books are in paperback, so on the shelf it expresses the fact that im a voracious reader, especially considering that the second book is very visbly near to 1000 pages.


New Member
Ell said:
In the past few years (maybe 5 or 6), I find myself buying more and more trade paperbacks.

Trade paper is the way to go. Light weight and easy to read, yet at a respectable price and the book won't fall apart so easy as mass market.


New Member
Wow this thread was brought back from the grave. But since were on the topic I love paperbacks! Especially paperbacks that are the larger size, the size of the Classic Penguine Classic books, I guess they are about 6" X 8" or so they are my favorite reading medium.


Paperbacks. I prefer their size, which makes them more portable, and their price, which makes the more affordable. Plus, I find them more comfortable to read...my arms don't get tired holding them up and they're easier to hold while laying in bed.


New Member
Like most I prefer paperback. Mostly for the size and Practicality. I like to read from a hardcover, but only when I'm halfway through the book, then it stays open on it's own. :rolleyes:


New Member
Paper backs are better for me. I like the size and they don't have that really irritating jacket on them! :)


Active Member
I love hardbacks - they look so pretty on your bookshelf, but for practical reasons stated above, I also prefer paperbacks.



New Member
I like both, but I think paperbacks just edge it for me. Hardbacks look great on the shelves, but paperbacks age quicker. There's nothing I like better than having a well-worn paperback because it shows I've really enjoyed the story.


New Member
I prefer hardbacks, but generally purchase paperbacks as they are a lot cheaper :( However, If I’m collecting a series, then i’ll buy them in hardback (I also tend to purchase the paperback copy of these as well, when they’re published so I don’t get the hardback ruined :eek: )


Active Member
If it's a new author to me then I will buy a paperback. If I like them I'll buy the rest of their stuff. When their new book comes out I buy the hardback. Or, if it's not a new book but the hardback is available, then I buy the hardback.


New Member
I prefer paperbacks cos they are easy to carry when I go to work and can fit in my bag as well. I have few hardbacks when they were in charity shop I bought.