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We're currently watching the first season of "Game of Thrones" (just finished the 7th episode). I really love that series.


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Your in for it Hedwig. It gets better and better, or at least more addictive. I think I watched the whole second season in a few days when it was on demand through my cable. Now I'm current with the third season. They did a really good job with that series.


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The Decoy Bride -


Well the poster SOOOO does not do the movie justice, being a quirky British comedy in the way only the British know how to make quirky comedies, set in the Outer Hebrides.

My favourite quote:

Katie Nic Aoidh: What's this nameless new book of yours about, then... if it exists?
James Arber: It's about the end of the world as seen through the eyes of God.
Katie Nic Aoidh: Oh, dear. Did no one tell you to write about what you know?


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Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958) with Elizabeth Taylor, Paul Newman & Burl Ives.

It was Excellent! It's hard to be Tennessee Williams.


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I liked Ghost Protocol, never saw III. (agree that II was awful.)

I went out & saw Star Trek Into Darkness. Keeping in mind I'm not a Trekkie - I really liked it. The story got kind of silly but it felt more cohesive than the '09 movie and Benedict Cumberbatch was awesome.
I've also been watching a lot of old Kitchen Nightmares episodes. No particular reason, it's just one of my guilty pleasures :D


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Are III or Ghost Protocol worth watching?

Don't waste your time. Ghost Protocol is the worst ... completely forwent any notion of an actual plot - was just a series of tropes from the first 3 movies featuring Tom Cruise ...

Oddly MI2 is my favourite, but only because it was directed by John Woo and some of the action scenes are iconic.


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Mirror Mirror

but I'm asking myself WHY???? I sat through it. It wasn't clever, funny, quirky, or any of the things they were trying for.

Word to wise ... when you to want to make an OTT modern version of a fairy tale please remember there is no such thing as too OTT - all your actors must be willing to ham it up and laugh at themselves and dear lord DO NOT TAKE THEMSELVES SERIOUSLY!


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Snow White and the Huntsman

MUCH better than Mirror Mirror which I didn't even finish watching ... but it felt very short ... she escapes the castle, meanders through the woods, arrives at her father's last faithful friend and turns around and goes back and defeats the queen in perfectly fitting armour the next day ....

But for all that it was still watchable.