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Lovely and abandoned words


New Member
Poppy1 said:
You should see the strange looks we get when we say al-you-min-e-um in front of Americans (we spell it aluminium):D
Now I'm gonna go around saying al-you-min-e-um. It sounds so much better than al-u-min-um-in-num-in-num-in-num. :D:D:D:D:D


Active Member
Vespertilio91 said:
Now I'm gonna go around saying al-you-min-e-um. It sounds so much better than al-u-min-um-in-num-in-num-in-num. :D:D:D:D:D

lol Vesper. My sons say it the American way along with words like duel. We say it jewel, they laugh at me and say no it's dool. I blame it on TV:D


Active Member
lol Still. Jewelery is said just like that- joolery. But you say tom-eh-toe, we say tom-ah-toe, lets call the whole thing off:D (I'd put little crochets and semi-quavers there if they had them on the key-board)


Well-Known Member
Poppy1 said:
I thought he was being Capt Underpants :D Is is winter over in KL, ds?
Ah, a short leave of absence and I miss all the praises! Yay!

I was a batnana before, so I figured I'd become a superbanana, after a spell of being a geishanana.

No, poppy, it's not winter, unfortunately. It's bloody hot these days, and if the aircon isn't working around in the office, everybody's bloody cranky. :)

Hehe... we still try to pronounce either as 'ai-ther'. However, the only part that tears me in two is the word 'router'. In the IT business, the router is 'raow-ter' instead of 'roo-ter'. I've always thought 'raow-ter' is the American way of pronouncing it. But nobody, neither american nor english colleagues I've worked with ever pronounced 'roo-ter'.


beer good

Well-Known Member
Reminds me of an old skit on the British comedy series Not The Nine O'Clock News, where the cast were singing a parody of a country song with the worst American accents you'd ever hear.

- I believe that lever [leever] is pronounced "levver"
- And the best film ever made is Saturday Night Fevver!


New Member
i use the word "aye" sometimes instead of yes (of course, it depends on who I am speaking to.) Every once in a while, much to my boyfriend's displeasure, I will say "ayuh".

also, i have several female pets and sometimes when i talk to them i call them "lassie" in an irish accent.
my cat-"Is that dinner I smell?"
me-"Aye, 'tis lassie!"

what? your cat doesn't talk to you? ;)


New Member
I thought only my cats spoke! I can't understand them because Tiberius speaks Latin, Sacha speaks Russian, and Toulouse speaks French. :p

Another good word is "fastidious". I've been called fastiodoso all while growing up but have never heard it used in English.


New Member
Collywobbles????!!! :eek:

What the hell does that mean? I love it :D Just as soon as I know what it means I shall throw it into conversation with reckless abandon!


New Member
It means having a tummyache :D
I found it one day in an old dictionary and have used it whenever possible ever since!:)