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New Member
There's also this one Peder:

Nothin from nothin means nothin
Ya gotta have somethin if ya wanna dance with me.......


The Sound of Nothing
(a little nothing, about nothing, by Libre)

The clap of one hand, still makes a small sound,
Try and you'll hear the air whirling around.

A grasshopper fart is quietly passed,
Yet the little gnats laugh, at the thunderous blast.

An owl in search of its unwary prey,
Hears the pulse of a mouse a half mile away.

But in space there's a void, unlike on the ground,
And thus there's no air, to carry a sound.

If you want to know, what silence sounds like,
It might be two asteroids, after they strike.

But the quietest sound, in the universe wide,
Is made by those two, when they fail to collide.


New Member
beer good said:
But I've already added nothing. I really can't be bothered to add anything, but If I hadn't added nothing, I would have had to add something.

Is there even such a thing as more nothing, let alone plenty of nothing? How does one measure amount of nothing? If I have nothing and then add nothing, do I end up with nothing^2 or nothing+nothing or just... well, nothing? And conversely, if I have nothing and subtract nothing, do I then have something?
are you purposely trying to confuse me?????????


Well-Known Member


I would like an infinity of nothing. Should I take that back and say that there's nothing I want an infinity of, since my entire life would be wiped out by being granted an entire infinity of nothing. Same thing if I got and infinity of something - so long to everything else!

This is spookily similar to having a conversation with my son.:rolleyes:


New Member
You people are really amazing. The complete and total amount of nothing happening is staggering. I'm floored by the skill and technique you people have accomplished in such little time.

I'm sure you'll say "It's really nothing."

And you, of course, will be correct.

A beautiful, beautiful thing.

Thank you all. For absolutely nothing.


New Member
Motokid said:
This thread is about nothing.
For nothing.
With nothing.
To nothing.
Without nothing.

Nothing in gerneral. Nothing specific. Zero. Nada. Zilch.

Please, feel free to add your bit of nothing if you'd like. Or not. Since not posting is a form of nothing too.

How much nothing is out there? How much nothing can you contribute? What kind of nothing can you create? What is nothing? Can you say nothing and still create nothing at the same time?

Is nothing real? Can there really be nothing? If you have a point of view on nothing, or even just a thought on nothing, does that mean you have something?

If you are viewing this thread are you viewing nothing?

Yep, pretty much.

So your back with us then? Not doing much trade on your own forum, huh?


New Member
Guess what is in my right hand and I will reward you by giving what is in my left hand. And do you think you can guess what that has to do with nothing.


New Member
Nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing.
Nothin nothin nothin nothin nothin nothin nothin nothin nothin nothin.
Nuthin nuthin nuthin nuthin nuthin nuthin nuthin nuthin nuthin nuthin.
Not anything not anything not anything not anythin not anything.
Not anythin not anythin not anythin not anythin not anythin.
Bunches of nothins bunches of nothins bunches of nothins.


New Member
A six-course banquet of nothing with a scoop of sod-all as a palate cleanser... :rolleyes:

Ah, tiny Grasshopper, but It is not a peach-that-has-a-core, but rather an-onion-that-only-has-layers. :p

“I love talking about nothing. It is the only thing I know anything about.” (O.W.)

Nothing will come from nothing, know what they say? Cheer up, ye old bugger, go on, give us a grin. There you are, see? ;)