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Recently Purchased/Borrowed


i have ony joined this site today and seems people give more than just their opinions and i agree..dont wanna spoil it so ill add it to my list of 'to reads'


New Member
Couldn't resist nipping into Borders on my way home this evening and buying Old School by Tobias Wolff.

I'll be interested to hear your opinion on that one, Stewart. I read it a couple of years ago and liked most of it, but was frustrated by the ending. It's possible there was a meaning and purpose there that I failed to grasp. So I look forward to your eventual review.


Well-Known Member
Just back from the library:
Arab Women: Between Defiance and Restraint-Suha Sabbagh
Thirteen Moons-Charles Frazire
Night Watch-Sergei Lukyanenko

Just the other day I was worried about finding a writer from Kazakhstan and today I spotted Night Watch and the "foriegn" looking surname of the author. When I flipped it over to read the synopsis and author bio I was greatly suprised to see that while the cover says "Bestseller from Russia," Lukyanenko was born in Kazakhstan:)


New Member
Went to the library yeturday and borrowed:

A Long Way Down By Nick Hornby
Ghost Girl By Helena McEwen
Labyrinth By Kate Mosse

I am just hoping my mum has not bought the first and last for Christmas as she saw me looking at them in the book shop...but I showed her that I had borrowed them just incase!!!


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Twas made into a film.

'Collected Memoirs' - Julian McLaren-Ross.

So it says on the cover. I wonder if the film is any good. Have you seen it? I was just shocked to find it on the shelf in my little town's library. Same place I found Boris Akunin sitting there looking so innocent and all..wonders never cease!


Am reading The Clan Of The Cave Bear at the moment and wondered if anybody else has read this or others by Jean M.Auel..would like to hear your opinions? Thanks


New Member
I just bought Eldest By Christopher Paolini. I found Eragon surprisingly well written, It was given to me as a gift; its not normally the type of fantasy I would buy, but despite it's similarities to LOTR and R.E. Fiest's books, it was actually rather enjoyable, so I bought the next one. (now I can go see the film and point out inconsistencies in a really loud voice :D )