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Software upgrade - some new features

Janet H

A few nights ago, our software was upgrades to the latest version of vbulletin and we have some new features. Over the next few weeks, we'll tweak and add more.

The biggest change is the addition of social networking features available in your profile. You can leave visitor messages, set up friends in your profile and a photo gallery. Please be aware that visitor messages are publicly viewable.


Well-Known Member
I can't seem to find that "blogging button in the nav bar above," no matter where I look. No drop down menu either. Can one still start new blogs? I must be missing something. /rubbing my sleepy eyes/ :confused:


Active Member
The blog thing was an application external to vBulletin, the forum software, created by a third party. I would presume that since it was written for a previous incarnation of the software, it disappeared in the upgrade. Whether whatever team was behind the blog software has written an updated version that integrates with this new software...I don't know.

From a personal point of view, I'm glad to see it go as there was some interesting content amongst it but buried so deep only those who bothered could find it. It's nicer to see such content made more visible. If it can be made visible, of course. I presume it's still in the database somewhere.


Well-Known Member

Yes, but that doesn't explain...
Start your own blog today! It's easy, free and available to all members.

Blogs are a "Journal" system that lets you share and discuss diary-type commentary and links to articles or other Web sites.

Here's how to get started:

1. If you're not already a member at Book & Reader, register for free here.
2. Click on the "Blogging" drop down button in the navbar above and click the "Setup your own blog" button.
3. Enter your blog header information.
4. Click the "Blogging" drop down menu again and select "Manage Blocks." From here, enable any of the blocks you want to show on the sides of your blog entries.
5. Click the "create entry" button on your blog menu on the left, or from the "Blogging" menu.
Special attention to the bolded, colored section.


Active Member
If blogs are to be properly restored then all that's needed is to put a link into the navbar template.