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New Member
He He. Jim I have so many family members trapped in Cuba. I have not been there since 1980. It will be a very special day(s)...lots of love. I am counting the minutes!


New Member
I'm getting a couple (3) tattoos over there. Good work at a low price (dollars). It's too expensive here in US for what I want done.


New Member
I am getting the name of my father who died less than a year ago on the inside of my left arm. I am also getting the logo of American Atheist near the thumb side of my right hand. And, if they do not charge me too much, I may get a third tattoo (below) on my left forearm:


I am a huge, and mean HUGE, Zeppelin fanatic!



New Member
Nah...Zeppelin. They are my fav. Stevie is great don't get me wrong. But Zep is more me than Stevie.


If the whole name Led Zeppelin is to much $$ you could just get the ZoSo symbol


this would make a cool tattoo


Active Member
test what?

You better make sure you're getting the tattoos somewhere safe and clean.


New Member
I was going to TEST something out on this threat and the thread took on a life of it
s own.

Oh and when I tattoo BAR on my forehead, I will add, just above my brows "Mr. Contraversy."


New Member
Pontiac, it is spelled "controversy". If you are going to get a permanent tattoo it should at least be spelled right. What is the atheist logo? Probably a guy with a surprised look on his face, surrounded by fire. lol.