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The Sky is Falling; The Atlantic article


Well-Known Member
The Atlantic has a great article about scientific research into the possibility of human life being wiped out by giant asteroids. For a great video, click here.One of the more interesting things mentioned in the article, dealt with the number of impact craters on the surface of the land, as opposed to the ocean floor. When the latter is added into the equation, the number of strikes is quite sobering.:eek: Another interesting tidbit dealt with the phenomenon of asteroids exploding before they hit the ground, which may have happened in Siberia in 1905. This is definitely a good article to read if you enjoyed the movie Armageddon.:D If we have a giant rock heading for us, we'll just shoot Bruce Willis into space to land on it and drill in the center of it, a tunnel that will allow a nuclear device to blow it up.:D
I really don't want to read it, it scares me , so if the end is near, let me be surprised.:eek:
Years ago Philip Wylie wrote a very good science fiction novel, When Worlds Collide, with a similar theme. A wandering planet, displaced from its original solar system, cruises into earth orbit. No spoilers here -- read it yourself.
Right now I'm reading The Killing Star. Civilization is wiped out by relativistic bombs (matter hurled at near light speed at a target). Warning before impact? A few minutes at best.
As Chicken Little discovered - the sky wasn't falling, but Foxy Loxy is always lurking to take advantage of the gullible ;)
Just recently I was scared about this possibility all over again, when I was at the Smithsonian there was an exhibit of meteorites that had landed in people's homes :eek: One came crashing through while they were watching television and another the woman woke up one morning and saw it lodged in her bedroom ceiling! How did I not know this could happen? I have added it to my list of phobias.