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Top 10 musical turnoffs


confusing how only one rapper makes that list.

oh wait, rap and hip-hop isn't classified as music, so it doesn't qualify.


Active Member
I’ve been a drummer for years, and been in several bands. My music tastes are very broad, but I refuse to listen to new country (it’s just rock/pop with a steel guitar) and Latino accordion stuff. My tastes are odd, though, because I don’t like (read: loathe) many of the most popular bands that everyone else seems to love.

My “can’t stand them” list includes, but isn’t limited to:

The Doors
The Stones
Eminem (don’t mind rap, but he just irks me)


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Baha! Nice.

I like me some dubstep. It's different; it's powerful and basic and advanced. There's some good stuff out there.


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Here's the deal: there is some awesome dubstep out there, and then there is the 97% of it that's total shit. Like reject hard-house/garage from the late 90s spat out onto the airwaves.

But, for the class stuff, go listen to anything by Burial and you've got some of the most beautiful music ever. It's like an urban anthem for South East London. I used to listen to his stuff along the South Bank of the Thames on the way to work in the morning, early morning drizzle setting in and it just blew me away. So complex and dreamy, so emotive and charged.


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Right! I totally agree. Much of it isn't worth the powder to blow it up with. A couple of my friends are or, at one time were, pro DJs and so they know how to find the good stuff.

Some of it is so expressive! Kind of like classical music, where the song itself seems to tell a story, and it's different to every listener. It's neat.