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Top 5 Worst Rock Bands


Inspired other bands or artist to begin as a muscian or to have a certain style.

Sure, I would say that Creed inspired other rock bands so has Nickleback.

But to list Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Rush, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Journey, Queen, The Eagles, Pink Floyd and some other groups listed here, that really is odd to me.

I met a musician on a cruise recently. He played in the piano bar on the cruise ship. I asked him what artist inspired him. He told me he was a keyboard and lead vocalist in a band in Calif. and the group that inspired him and his band was Queen. He played a song that he wrote one night and the song had the feel of a Queen song.

beer good

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But to list Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Pink Floyd and some other groups listed here, that really is odd to me.

Sure. But some people have crap taste. That's OK. Just as long as we get to tell them they have crap taste. :)


Name your top five worst rock bands ever. Try to stay in the genre and save individual artists for another thread, I don't want to read about B. Spears over and over.

Here's my five.

Matchbox 20
(5 Worst Rock And Roll Bands) 1. Korn, 2. Green Day, 3. Poison, 4. Matchbox 20 & 5. Nirvana
Jillian thinks these Rock And Roll Bands Stink):mad:
Oh my! I like the Bee Gees, Beatles, and U2 ... along with a whole variety of other music.

And considering their enduring popularity and success, while taste in music is subjective, it seems one can't really call their music bad since they were considered influential enough to be inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.

I also like the Goo Goo Dolls. They may not be brilliant, but their show was good and they are nice people. I met them when they performed at the hotel casino I used to work at. Sweetest guys ever.

By the way, I also like The Monkees, who probably DO deserve to be included on the worst list.
Can't believe no one mentioned them yet (unless I missed a post somewhere).

Oh, and I agree Menudo belongs on the list ... LOL

1. Menudo
3. New Kids on the Block
4. Milli Vanilli
5. Bay City Rollers

Come on, isn't this the worst of the worst??
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